Policy Statement - Degree and Program-Related Numerical Index

Degree Policy Information


DOC                                                                                              Date                                                       
24-10BS in Health Care Administration, Option in Risk Management and SafetyPS 24-10 [PDF]PS 24-10 [DOC]04/19/2024
24-09BS in Health Care Administration, Option in Healthcare Data AnalyticsPS 24-09 [PDF]PS 24-09 [DOC]04/19/2024
24-06Certificate in Public Health Informatics & TechnologyPS 24-06 [PDF]PS 24-06 [DOC]03/12/2024
24-05Minor in Criminology & Criminal Justice PS 24-05 [PDF]PS 24-05 [DOC]03/08/2024
24-04Minor in Public HealthPS 24-04 [PDF]PS 24-04 [DOC]03/08/2024
24-03Master of Arts in Linguistics, Option in Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages (TESOL)PS-24-03 [PDF]PS 24-03 [DOC]02/28/2024
24-02Master of Science in Industrial/Organizational PsychologyPS 24-02 [PDF]PS 24-02  [DOC]01/09/2024
24-01Bachelor of Science in Earth SciencePS 24-01 [PDF]PS 24-01 [DOC]01/02/2024
23-25Bachelor of Arts in Cinematic ArtsPS 23-25 [PDF]PS 23-24 [DOC]12/13/2023
23-23MS in Psychology, Human FactorsPS 23-23 [PDF]PS 23-23 [DOC]11/27/2023
23-22Master of Arts in Psychological ResearchPS 23-22 [PDF]PS 23-22 [DOC]11/06/2023
23-20Certificate in Healthcare Data AnalyticsPS 23-20 [PDF]PS 23-20 [DOC]10/18/2023
23-19Minor In European StudiesPS 23-19 [PDF]PS 23-19 [DOC]10/17/2023


Master of Science in Mathematics for Educators

PS 23-18 (PDF)PS 23-18 (DOC)06/29/2023     
23-17Bachelor of Science in GeographyPS 23-17 (PDF)PS 23-17 (DOC)06/29/2023
23-16Master of Arts Degree in Equity, Education, and Social Justice (EESJ) PS 23-16 (PDF)PS 23-16 (DOC)06/16/2023
23-15MS in Computational and Applied MathematicsPS 23-15 (PDF)PS 23-15 (DOC)05/22/2023
23-14Master of Arts in Art HistoryPS 23-14 (PDF)PS 23-14 (DOC)05/16/2023
23-13Bachelor of Arts in Studio ArtPS 23-13 (PDF)PS 23-13 (DOC)05/16/2023
23-10Master of Science in Financial AnalyticsPS 23-10 (PDF)PS 23-10 (DOC)03/13/2023
23-09Bachelor of Arts in Art EducationPS 23-09 (PDF)PS 23-09 (DOC)02/14/2023
23-08Master of Science in School CounselingPS 23-08 (PDF)PS 23-08 (DOC)02/06/2023
23-07Master of Arts in Early Childhood EducationPS 23-07 (PDF)PS 23-07 (DOC)02/06/2023
23-06Bachelor of Arts in Art HistoryPS 23-06 (PDF)PS 23-06 (DOC)02/06/2023
23-05Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)PS 23-05 (PDF)PS 23-05 (DOC)01/30/2023
23-04Master of Arts in Human Experience Design Interactions                   (New CIP Code for Existing Degree PS 19-01)PS 23-04 (PDF)PS 23-04 (DOC)01/19/2023
23-03BFA in Art, Option in AnimationPS 23-03 (PDF)PS 23-03 (DOC)01/11/2023
23-02Master of Science in Counseling, Student Development in Higher EducationPS 23-02 (PDF)PS 23-02 (DOC)01/03/2023
23-01PS 23-01 (PDF)PS 23-01 (DOC)01/03/2023
22-29Master of Science in Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology degree PS 22-29 (PDF)PS 22-29 (DOC)12/07/2022
22-26Bachelor of Science in Dance SciencePS 22-26 (PDF)PS 22-26 (DOC)10/28/2022
22-21Master of Science in Exercise SciencePS 22-21 (PDF)PS 22-21 (DOC)10/04/2022
22-18Bachelor of Science in Physical EducationPDFDOC07/27/2022
22-17Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction in Physical Education.PDFDOC03/30/2022
22-16Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Supplemental CohortPDFDOC06/09/2022
22-15Bachelor of Science in Nursing Self SupportPDFDOC06/08/2022
22-12Minor in South Asian StudiesPDFDOC04/18/2022
22-09Bachelor of Science in Recreation TherapyPDFDOC04/12/2022
22-04Minor in NutritionPDFDOC02/24/2022
22-03Master of Science in Construction Management (MSCM)PDFDOC02/28/2022
21-18Graduate Certificate in Translation StudiesPDFDOC11/17/2021
21-17Bachelor of Science in Environmental EngineeringPDFDOC11/16/2021
21-16Minor in Emergency ManagementPDFDOC09/29/2021
21-15Master of Arts in Sport ManagementPDFDOC09/08/2021
21-14Bachelor of Arts in Child Development and Family Studies Option in Child Development and Family Studies Option in Family EducationPDFDOC08/24/2021
21-13Elevation of the BA in Family and Consumer Sciences with options in Fashion Merchandising and Fashion Design to the BA in Fashion Merchandising & Design with options in Fashion Merchandising and Fashion DesignPDFDOC06/07/2021
21-08Master of Science in Physics, Option in Computational PhysicsPDFDOC04/12/2021
21-07Bachelor of Science in Biology, Option in Zoology, Botany, and Ecology PDFDOC04/12/2021
21-06Educational Technology and Media Leadership, Master of Science inPDFDOC03/25/2021
20-10Equity and Education Studies, Minor inPDFDOC11/17/2020
20-09Linguistics, Option in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), Bachelor of Arts inPDFDOC11/16/2020
20-08Consumer Affairs, Bachelor of Arts inPDFDOC08/26/2020
20-07Applied Statistics, Bachelor of Science inPDFDOC08/26/2020
20-06Linguistics, Option in Translation Studies, BA inPDFDOC07/23/2020
20-05International Affairs, Master of Arts in PDFDOC06/24/2020
20-04Sustainability Management and Policy, Master of Science inPDFDOC06/16/2020
20-03Health Humanities, Minor inPDFDOC06/05/2020
19-12Educational Administration, MA inPDFDOC09/25/2019
19-11 Counseling Psychology, MS inPDFDOC11/05/2019
19-10Certificate in Geography for SecurityPDFDOC06/24/2019
19-04Translation Studies, Minor inPDFDOC03/06/2019
19-02Athletic Training Implementation, MS in PDFDOC03/06/2019
19-01Human Experience Design Interactions, Master of Arts in (MA_HXDI)PDFDOC01/03/2019
18-14Design History & Theory, Minor inPDFDOC12/14/2018
18-13Chemical Engineering, MS inPDFDOC12/11/2018
18-12Spanish Option II: Interdisciplinary Studies, Bachelor of Arts inPDFDOC11/09/2018
18-11Marketing, MS inPDFDOC10/11/2018
18-10Public Relations, BA inPDFDOC10/10/2018
18-09Biochemistry, BA inPDFDOC10/02/2018
18-08Graphic Design, Minor inPDFDOC06/28/2018
18-07Acting, Bachelor of Fine Arts inPDFDOC06/16/2018
18-06Supply Chain Management, Minor inPDFDOC06/18/2018
18-05Nurse Practitioner Certificate made accessiblePDFDOC05/04/2018
18-04Business Analytics, Certificate inPDFDOC03/20/2018
18-01Finance, Master of Science inPDFDOC01/23/2018
17-16Spanish: Certificate in Professional and Conversational Competence for Spanish Heritage SpekersPDFDOC09/06/2017
17-15French, Certificate inPDFDOC09/06/2017
17-14Italian, Certificate inPDFDOC09/06/2017
17-06Information Systems, MS inPDFDOC08/10/2017
17-04Art History, Minor inPDFDOC07/06/2017
17-03Cambodia (Khmer) Language and Culture, Minor inPDFDOC04/17/2017
17-02Physics and Astronomy, Bachelor of Science in. Option in Materials SciencePDFDOC03/17/2017
17-01Chemistry, Option in Materials Science, BS inPDFDOC02/22/2017
16-15American Sign Language Linguistics and Deaf Culture, Option in ASL, BA inPDFDOC12/02/2016
16-14Engineering Management, Master of Science inPDFDOC09/21/2016
16-07Gerontology, Minor inPDFDOC09/21/2016
16-06Fashion Design, Minor inPDFDOC06/15/2016
16-05Biomedical Engineering, BS inPDFDOC06/06/2016
16-03Korean Languages and Culture, Minor inPDFDOC05/31/2016
16-02Public Relations, Minor inPDFDOC05/31/2016
14-21Biomedical Engineering, MS inPDFDOC05/31/2016
14-20Professional Physics, MS inPDFDOC07/21/2015
14-19Applied Disabiltiy Studies, Grad Certificate in,PDFDOC06/24/2015
14-17Chinese Studies, MA Asian Studies Option inPDFDOC05/11/2015
14-16Japanese Language and Pedagogy, MA Asian Studies Option inPDFDOC03/11/2015
14-14Minor in Chinese Language and CulturePDFDOC03/13/2015
14-14Chinese Language and Culture, Minor inPDFDOC03/13/2015
14-13Minor in Japanese Language and CulturePDFDOC03/13/2015
14-13Japanese Language and Culture, Minor inPDFDOC03/13/2015
14-07Accountancy, Master of Science inPDFDOC07/25/2014
14-06Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), Minor inPDFDOC07/16/2014
13-09Italian Studies, Master of Arts inPDFDOC10/30/2013
13-08International Business, Minor inPDFDOC06/25/2013
13-06Recreation BA, Option in Recreation TherapyPDFDOC05/10/2013
13-05Geographic Information Sciences, Minor inPDFDOC04/23/2013
13-04Biology, BS in, Option in Organismal Biology & Molecular cell Biology and PhisologyPDFDOC04/30/2013
13-03Latino Health and Nutrition Studies, Graduate Certificate inPDFDOC02/22/2013
12-11Global Migration Studies, Minor inPDFDOC10/19/2012
12-10Queer Studies, Minor inPDFDOC10/19/2012
12-09Master of Science in Geographic Information Science (code GEOGMS01)PDFDOC10/01/2012
12-08Education Specialist, School of PsychologyPDFDOC08/20/2012
12-07Nursing Education, Certificate InPDFDOC05/31/2012
12-01Minor in FinancePDFDOC03/29/2012
11-11Doctor of Physical TherapyPDFDOC01/24/2011
10-09Engineering Systems, BA inPDFDOC05/18/2010
10-04Liberal Arts, BA inPDFDOC03/01/2010
10-03French, Interdisciplinary Option, BA inPDFDOC02/02/2010
10-02Forensic Studies, Minor inPDFDOC01/15/2010
10-01Communicative Disorders, Post Baccalaureate Certificate inPDFDOC01/15/2010
09-09Science in Applied Statistics, Master in (code MATHMS05)PDFDOC09/18/2009
09-04Athletic Training, Bachelor of Science inPDFDOC06/03/2009
09-03Interior Design, Bachelor of Fine ArtsPDFDOC05/05/2009
09-02Education, Master of Arts in, Option in Mathematics EducationPDFDOC04/13/2009
09-01Applied Sociology, M.A. inPDFDOC02/05/2009
08-09School Nurse Credential (Post-Baccalaureate) (code 600)PDFDOC03/04/2008
06-03Kinesiology, Master of Science in, Option in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition (code KPE_MS04)PDFDOC06/02/2006
06-02Theatre Arts, Minor inPDFDOC06/02/2006
06-01Theatre Arts, MFA in, Option in Dramatic WritingPDFDOC06/02/2006
05-19Science Education, Master of Science in, Option in Informal Science Education (SCEDMS03)PDFDOC11/29/2005
05-18Electronics Engineering Technology, Bachelor of Science inPDFDOC11/14/2005
05-17Computer Engineering Technology, Bachelor of Science inPDFDOC11/14/2005
05-16Film and Electronic Arts, Minor inPDFDOC11/14/2005
05-15Occupational Studies, BS in, Option in Integrative Professional StudiesPDFDOC11/14/2005
05-14Family and Consumer Sciences, B.A. in, Option in Family Life EducationPDFDOC11/14/2005
05-13Integrated Teacher Education Program (Supersedes 01-06)PDFDOC01/21/2005
05-12Journalism, Bachelor of Arts inPDFDOC02/25/2005
05-06Kinesiology, Bachelor of Science in, Option in Athletic TrainingPDFDOC06/10/2005
05-05Environmental Science and Policy, Minor inPDFDOC06/09/2005
05-04Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Bachelor of Science inPDFDOC06/03/2005
05-03Modern Jewish Studies, Bachelor of Arts inPDFDOC05/24/2005
05-01Engineering Technology, Bachelor of Science in, Option in Technology and Engineering EducationPDFDOC04/06/2005
04-12Mathematics, Master of Science in, Option in Mathematics Education
for Secondary School Teachers
04-11Science Education, Master of Science in, Option in Secondary Science EducationPDFDOC12/06/2004
04-10Linguistics, BA inPDFDOC10/25/2004
04-04Psychology, Master of Science in, Option in Human FactorsPDFDOC06/28/2004
04-03Web and Technology Literacy, Certificate inPDFDOC07/28/2004
04-02Computer Science Applications, Minor inPDFDOC07/28/2004
04-01Web and Technology Literacy, Minor inPDFDOC07/28/04
03-14Asian American Studies, Bachelor of Arts Degree inPDFDOC09/24/2003
03-13Educational Administration and Leadership, Joint Ed.D. inPDFDOC09/03/2003
03-12Mathematics, Master of Science in, Option in Applied StatisticsPDFDOC06/26/2003
03-10Theatre Arts, Master of Fine Arts in, Option in Theatre ManagementPDFDOC06/19/2003
03-07Child Development and Family Studies, Minor inPDFDOC05/27/2003
03-05Italian Studies, Bachelor of Arts inPDFDOC05/15/2003
03-04Statistics, Minor inPDFDOC12/12/2003
03-03Science Education Master of Science in, Option in Elementary Science EducationPDFDOC04/15/2003
03-02French Studies, Bachelor of Arts inPDFDOC01/29/2003
03-01Environmental Science and Policy, Bachelor of Arts in and Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and PolicyPDFDOC01/24/2003
02-16Education, Master of Arts in, School Librarianship OptionPDFDOC11/14/2002
02-15Education, Master of Arts in, Option in Educational TechnologyPDFDOC11/14/2002
02-14Global Logistics, Master of Arts inPDFDOC10/04/2002
02-13Human Development, Minor inPDFDOC06/11/2002
02-06Community College Graduate CertificatePDFDOC03/18/2002
02-05Kinesiology, Bachelor of Science in, Option in FitnessPDFDOC03/18/2002
02-01Religious Studies, Master of Arts inPDFDOC02/08/2002
01-14Translation and Interpretation Studies, The Bachelor of Arts in, Option English and SpanishPDFDOC08/27/2001
01-12Middle Eastern Studies, Minor inPDFDOC08/06/2001
01-11Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Minor inPDFDOC06/25/2001
01-10Latin American Studies, Minor inPDFDOC06/25/2001
01-09Jewish Studies, Minor inPDFDOC07/16/2001
01-07Economics, Bachelor of Arts in with an Option in Mathematical Economics and Economic TheoryPDFDOC05/21/2001
01-04Chinese Studies, Bachelor of Arts Degree inPDFDOC05/07/2001
01-03Campus Recreation and Student Service Programs, Certificate Program in Administration ofPDFDOC04/26/2001
01-02Occupational Studies, Bachelor of Science in;Option in Vocational ArtsPDFDOC01/25/2001
00-12Entrepreneurship, Minor inPDFDOC07/24/2000
00-10Audiology, Bachelor of Science inPDFDOC03/17/2000
00-05Business Economics, Bachelor of Arts inPDFDOC02/07/2000
00-02Electronics & Computer Technology, Bachelor of Science in, Option in Electronics Technology, Option in Computer TechnologyPDFDOC01/28/2000
00-01Computer Engineering, Bachelor of Science inPDFDOC01/25/2000
99-23Classics, Bachelor of Arts in, Option in Roman Civilization; Option in Greek CivilizationPDFDOC10/18/1999
99-20Nursing, Masters of Science in; Health Care Administration, Masters of Science inPDFDOC11/05/1999
99-18Aerospace Manufacturing, Certificate Program inPDFDOC08/09/1999
99-13Interdisciplinary Studies, Bachelor of Science inPDFDOC07/08/1999
99-12Engineering, Bachelor of Science in, Option in Theme Park EngineeringPDFDOC06/21/1999
99-11Engineering, Bachelor of Science in, Option in Audio EngineeringPDFDOC06/21/1999
99-10Business Administration, Bachelor of Sciences in, Option in Management Information SystemsPDFDOC06/21/1999
99-08Business Administration, Master ofPDFDOC04/11/1999
99-07Family and Consumer Sciences, Bachelor of Arts in, Minor in TextilesPDFDOC01/11/1999
99-06Family and Consumer Sciences, Bachelor of Arts in, Minor in Fashion MerchandisingPDFDOC01/11/1999
99-05Family and Consumer Sciences, Bachelor of Arts in, Minor in Consumer AffairsPDFDOC01/11/1999
99-04Dietetics and Food Administration, Bachelor of Science in, Minor in Hospitality Foodservice and Hotel ManagementPDFDOC01/11/1999
99-03Dietetics and Food Administration, Bachelor of Science in, Minor in Food SciencePDFDOC01/11/1999
99-02Heating, Ventilating, and Air-Conditioning Engineering, Certificate inPDFDOC01/11/1999
99-01Kinesiology, Bachelor of Science in, Option in Sport Psychology and CoachingPDFDOC01/11/1999
98-05Management Information Systems, Minor inPDFDOC06/22/1998
98-04Biology, Bachelor of Science in, Option in Biology EducationPDFDOC06/22/1998
98-03Dance, Bachelor of Fine Arts inPDFDOC06/22/1998
98-02Education, Master of Arts in, Option in Social & Multicultural Foundations of EducationPDFDOC02/19/1998
97-13Environmental Engineering, Minor inPDFDOC09/02/1997
97-12Systems Engineering, Post Baccalaureate Certificate inPDFDOC08/08/1997
97-11Crosscultural Language, Interdisciplinary Minor inPDFDOC08/01/1997
97-03Cartography and Geographic Information Systems, Certificate inPDFDOC01/13/1997
97-02Manufacturing Engineering BS inPDFDOC01/31/1997
96-255-Year Preliminary Credential CLAD (Crosscultural Language and Academic Development) Emphasis Single Subject Preliminary CredentialPDFDOC11/15/1996
96-24Counseling, Master of Science in : Option in Career Counseling, Option in School Counseling, Option in Student Development in Higher EducationPDFDOC11/15/1996
96-23English, Bachelor of Arts in Option in English Education, Literacy and Composition Teaching Emphasis, Language and Linguistics Teaching Emphasis, Black Studies Teaching EmphasisPDFDOC11/15/1996
96-20Creative Writing, MFA inPDFDOC08/06/1996
96-17Kinesiology, MS in, Options in Exercise Science, Spirit & Exercise Physiology and Sports Medicine & InjuryPDFDOC07/30/1996
96-16Nursing, MS in; MPHPDFDOC08/08/1996
96-15Women's Studies, BA inPDFDOC05/10/1996
96-14Occupational Studies, MA and BS in, Options in Bilingual Occupational Instruction, Corporate Training & Development, Research & Evaluation, Transition ServicesPDFDOC07/24/1996
96-10Dietetics & Food Administration, BS in, Nutrition and Dietetics, Food Science & Hospitality Foodservice OptionsPDFDOC07/16/1996
96-08Linguistics, MA in, Option in General Linguistics, Language & Culture and Teaching English as a Second LanguagePDFDOC04/29/1996
96-07Physical Education, BS in, Option in KinesiotherapyPDFDOC04/29/1996
96-06International Economics, Minor inPDFDOC04/29/1996
96-05Pupil Personnel Services Credential with Specialization in School Social Work & Child Welfare & AttendancePDFDOC03/25/1996
96-02Physical Education, BA in, Options in Athletic Training, Fitness, Adapted Physical Education, Elementary School Physical Education and Secondary School Physical EducationPDFDOC02/28/1996
96-01Criminal Justice, BS in: Discontinuance of Options--Corrections, Law Enforcement and Security AdministrationPDFDOC01/24/1996
95-23Physical Education, BS in, Option in Exercise SciencePDFDOC12/20/1995
95-22Physical Education, MA in, Options in Exercise Science, Sport and Exercise Psychology, Pedagogical Studies, Sports Management, Sports Medicine, Adapted Physical Education, Sports Studies, Motor BehaviorPDFDOC12/20/1995
95-20Physics, MS in, Option in Applied PhysicsPDFDOC12/12/1995
95-16International Studies, Minor inPDFDOC11/12/1995
95-15Construction Engineering Management, BS inPDFDOC10/06/1995
95-14Aerospace Engineering, B.S. inPDFDOC09/25/1995
95-13Engineering Technology, BS in: Environmental Technology OptionPDFDOC06/23/1995
95-10MSC-CLAD & MSC-BCLAD  (Supersedes 82-08)PDFDOC06/15/1995
95-04Film & Electronic Arts, BA in, Options in Film & Electronic Media and in Film & Video ProductionPDFDOC04/23/1995
94-10Single Subject Program in JapanesePDFDOC11/23/1994
94-09Sport & Exercise Psychology, Option in (MS Degree)PDFDOC06/24/1994
94-08Anthropology, M.A. in, Option in Applied AnthropologyPDFDOC05/24/1994
94-03Computer Science, Minor inPDFDOC04/08/1994
93-12Counseling, MS in, Option in Vocational Rehabilitation CounselingPDFDOC11/15/1993
93-11Engineering Technology, BS in: Computer Technology OptionPDFDOC11/15/1993
93-05Japanese, BAPDFDOC04/26/1993
93-04Biology, BS in, Options in General Biology, Botany, Ecology & Environmental Biology, Physiology and ZoologyPDFDOC03/30/1993
93-03Peace Studies Certificate Program inPDFDOC03/30/1993
93-02Gerontology, Master of Science inPDFDOC01/27/1993
93-01Biology, BS in, Option in Cellular and Molecular Biology and GeneticsPDFDOC01/27/1993
92-06Aerospace Engineering, Master of Science inPDFDOC06/22/1992
92-05Language Development Specialist Certificate CredentialPDFDOC06/08/1992
92-04Health Science, Revision to MS in, MPH in Community Health EducationPDFDOC06/08/1992
91-11Health Science, BS in, Option in Radiation TherapyPDFDOC12/10/1991
91-09Dance, MFA inPDFDOC10/25/1991
91-07International Studies, BA inPDFDOC05/13/1991
91-06Business Administration, School of, Option in International BusinessPDFDOC05/13/1991
91-03[Nutritional Science, MS and AP4 Field Experience] American Dietetic Association Approved Pre-Professional Practice ProgramPDFDOC12/18/1990
91-01Liberal Studies BA inPDFDOC01/25/1991
90-02Russian, Minor inPDFDOC01/02/1990
90-01Classical Studies, Minor inPDFDOC01/02/1990
89-06Professional Administrative Services CredentialPDFDOC08/29/1989
89-04Public Administration, Master of, Option in Public Works AdministrationPDFDOC06/06/1989
89-03Teaching of Reading & Language Arts, Graduate Certificate inPDFDOC05/24/1989
89-02Applied Mathematics, Minor inPDFDOC04/25/1989
89-01Counseling, MS inPDFDOC04/14/1989
88-08Mathematics, BA in, Option in Mathematics EducationPDFDOC12/07/1988
88-07Health Care Administration BS inPDFDOC09/23/1988
88-06Computer Science, MS inPDFDOC10/07/1988
88-04Art, BFA in, Option in Art PhotographyPDFDOC05/09/1988
88-03Physics, MS in, General OptionPDFDOC05/09/1988
87-06Pupil Personnel Services Internship ProgramPDFDOC08/17/1987
87-02Linguistics, Minor inPDFDOC02/26/1987
86-13Biochemistry, Bachelor of Science inPDFDOC11/07/1986
86-11Public Administration, Master of, Option in Urban AffairsPDFDOC07/18/1986
86-06Leisure Counseling, Graduate Certificate Program inPDFDOC04/10/1986
86-01Theatre Arts, BA in, General OptionPDFDOC01/27/1986
85-13Military Science. Program- Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (AROTC)PDFDOC05/31/1985
85-11Travel and Tourism, Certificate in Administration ofPDFDOC05/06/1985
85-02Social Work, Master ofPDFDOC01/15/1985
84-05Transportation Policy & Planning Graduate Certificate Program inPDFDOC10/12/1984
84-04Food Service Systems Administration, Certificate Program inPDFDOC06/20/1984
84-03Public Sector Financial Management, Graduate Certificate inPDFDOC06/20/1984
84-01Public Sector Employer-Employee Relations & Personnel Management Graduate Certificate inPDFDOC02/29/1984
84-01Public Sector Employer-Employee and Personnel Management, Graduate Certificate inPDFDOC05/23/1984
83-12Health Science, Bachelor of Science in, Option in Health CarePDFDOC10/27/1983
83-11Computer Science, Bachelor of Science Degree inPDFDOC08/22/1983
83-10Theatre Arts, Master of Fine Arts inPDFDOC07/29/1983
83-09Public Health Degree, Master of, Option in Community Health EducationPDFDOC08/10/1983
83-03Technical & Professional Writing, Certificate Program inPDFDOC04/06/1983
83-02Speech Communication, Bachelor of Arts Degree, Option in Interpersonal & Organizational Communication   (This degree's name later changed to Communication Studies)PDFDOC03/31/1983
83-01Nutritional Science, MS inPDFDOC01/07/1983
82-13Applied Mathematics, M.A. Option inPDFDOC10/13/1982
82-07Single Subject Credential: Emphasis in Bilingual Instruction in Indo-Chinese Languages (Vietnamese, Cambodian, Laotian) and EnglishPDFDOC01/29/1982
82-05Spanish Options B.A. inPDFDOC04/30/1982
82-04Italian, Minor inPDFDOC04/26/1982
82-02Urban Executive Management, Graduate Certificate inPDFDOC02/24/1982
81-12Vocational Education, B.S. in  (Refer to Occupational Studies in the current catalog)PDFDOC08/26/1981
81-10Public Policy Interdisciplinary Minor inPDFDOC04/14/1981
81-09 Rev.Special Major: MA/MS, Revision & Reorganization of (Interdisciplinary Studies)PDFDOC03/22/1985
81-06Outdoor Recreation Resources, Certificate Program in Administration ofPDFDOC03/03/1981
79-29Transportation Management, Certificate inPDFDOC11/16/1979
79-26Asian Studies, Major in for B.A. DegreePDFDOC10/05/1979
79-24Music, Minor inPDFDOC09/05/1979
79-23Psychology, Minor inPDFDOC08/29/1979
79-22Health Care Administration, Certificate Program inPDFDOC08/29/1979
79-10Criminal Justice, Minor in (refer to 24-05)PDFDOC03/30/1979
79-05Language Handicapped/Aphasic Pupils, Special Class Authorization for SeverePDFDOC01/25/1979
79-04Applied Mathematics, Option inPDFDOC01/15/1979
79-02Psychology for B.A. Degree, Revisions in Major inPDFDOC01/15/1979
78-39Solid Waste Management Certificate Program inPDFDOC11/28/1978
78-34Facilities Operations, Certificate inPDFDOC06/07/1978
78-33Safety Operations Certificate inPDFDOC06/07/1978
78-29Human Resources Management, Change in Title-PDFDOC06/05/1978
78-27Human Development for B.A. Degree, Major inPDFDOC06/05/1978
78-24Gerontology, Certificate Program inPDFDOC04/17/1978
78-20Energy Conversion & Power System Engineering, Certificate Program inPDFDOC03/27/1978
78-18Religious Studies for B.A. Degree, Major inPDFDOC03/27/1978
78-16Health Science Majors, Credential Program forPDFDOC01/27/1978
78-15Asian Studies M.A. Requirements Changes inPDFDOC01/26/1978
78-12Auto Supervision and Service, Certificate Program inPDFDOC01/26/1978
78-10English: Teaching Emphasis, Special Option, Literature, Language and Composition, and Creative Writing, New Minors inPDFDOC01/26/1978
78-09Professional Accounting Option RequirementsPDFDOC01/26/1978
78-08Speech Proficiency Assessment (Credential Candidates)PDFDOC01/24/1978
78-03Public Administration in Political Science, Minor inPDFDOC01/23/1978
78-01Clinical-Rehabilitative Services Credentials, Catalog StatementPDFDOC01/23/1978
77-24Mathematics, B.A. Degree in, Statistics OptionPDFDOC06/29/1977
77-22Therapeutic Recreation, Certificate Program inPDFDOC05/25/1977
77-21International Business, Graduate Certificate inPDFDOC05/09/1977
77-20Liberal Studies Program, CompletedPDFDOC05/03/1977
77-15Nurse Practitioner, Certificate asPDFDOC04/05/1977
77-07Dance for B.A. Degree, Proposal for Major inPDFDOC01/28/1977
77-06Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Program (Post-baccalaureate Level), Proposal forPDFDOC01/31/1977
77-05Teaching English as a Second Language, Proposal for a Certificate Program inPDFDOC01/14/1977
76-07Physiology, Proposal for Minor inPDFDOC06/15/1976
76-06Biology, Proposal for Minor inPDFDOC06/15/1976
75-24American Studies, Minor inPDFDOC12/30/1975
75-23Women's Studies, Minor inPDFDOC12/30/1975
75-19Nursing, M.S. Degree inPDFDOC10/10/1975
75-18Religious Studies, Proposal for Minor inPDFDOC10/10/1975
75-03Public Health, Master ofPDFDOC12/13/1974
74-20Biomedical Engineering OptionPDFDOC09/19/1974
74-19Speech Communication, Bachelor of Arts in, Teaching Option(This degree's name changed to Communication Studies)PDFDOC09/19/1974
74-18Black Studies for the Bachelor of Arts Degree, Major in (Supersedes PS 74-17)PDFDOC09/19/1974
74-14(Criminology) Department Name Change and Change in Degree Terminology(BS/MS degrees in Criminology were changed to BS/MS in Criminal Justice)PDFDOC07/08/1974
74-13American Studies for the Bachelor of Arts Degree Major inPDFDOC07/03/1974
74-06Comparative Literature for the B.A. Degree, Option for the Major inPDFDOC03/04/1974
74-04Fine Arts Degree, Bachelor ofPDFDOC03/04/1974
74-03Comparative Literature, Minor inPDFDOC03/04/1974
74-02English, Special Option inPDFDOC03/04/1974
73-21(Communicative Disorders) Change in Degree Terminology (changed from MA Speech Communication, Option in Special Pathology)PDFDOC04/27/1973
73-12Greek, Minor inPDFDOC03/04/1974
73-09Career Guidance Specialist Certificate Program forPDFDOC03/04/1974
73-07Public Administration, Change in Degree Title, Master ofPDFDOC03/04/1976
71-02Urban Studies, Center for(Now known as the Certificate program in Urban Studies - please see current catalog for further information)PDFDOC01/15/1971