Research Foundation

The CSULB Research Foundation (Research Foundation) was established in 1956 as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. The Research Foundation exists to enhance and advance the educational mission of CSULB. One of the many responsibilities of the Research Foundation is to provide accounting and administrative services for programs sponsored by federal, state, local, and private funding used for faculty research projects and training programs. This externally-sponsored research allows faculty and students to engage in nationally-recognized scholarly endeavors, and is the cornerstone of CSULB’s academic excellence.

California State University, Long Beach Research Foundation serves the mission of the University by supporting and engaging in research, entrepreneurship, community service, sponsored programs and the acquisition of private resources.

Our Vision

  • Dedicated and Caring Employees
  • Exceeding Expectations
  • Exploring New Opportunities
  • Valued as a vital contributor to the Campus Community

Our Values

  • Integrity
    Maintain high standards and consistent performance within an environment of professional ethics and responsibility of one's actions.
  • Service
    Provide excellent, cost-effective and responsive services to students, faculty, staff, and the community at large.
  • Teamwork
    Promote an environment of cooperation, trust and open communication.
  • Diversity
    Embrace the strengths, experiences and talents of every individual.
  • Innovation
    Support new ideas, entrepreneurship and continuous improvement.

Some of the services provided by the Research Foundation include financial services in the form of accounts payable, accounts receivable, asset management, audit, banking and cashiering. Through our purchasing operation we work with vendors to secure products and services for use by our sponsored programs. We also provide legal and risk management services to programs administered through the Research Foundation as a means of minimizing exposure and shielding against liability. Lastly, we provide human resources, payroll and employee benefit services to approximately 1,600 individuals annually. These are all necessary administrative components required to operate effectively, safely, and legally.

The Research Foundation receives funding from a variety of federal, state, local and private agencies. As a self-supporting entity, the Research Foundation does not receive any state General Fund revenue. Since most sponsored programs are funded on a cost reimbursement basis, the Research Foundation provides the necessary up-front capital to hire employees, purchase goods and services and anything else needed to allow a program to operate. After these expenses are incurred, the sponsoring agency is billed, and the Research Foundation is ultimately reimbursed for the expenses. With this structural support in place, professors engaged in research are better able to pursue their research endeavors.