Policy Statement - 78-08 Speech Proficiency Assessment (Credential Candidates)

NUMBER: 78-08 
FILE: Speech Communication

SUBJECT: Speech Proficiency Assessment (Credential Candidates)

The following policy statement, recommended by the Academic Senate at its meeting of September 29, 1977, and approved by the President on October 14, 1977, is as follows:


(Speech Assessment to be administered jointly by Speech Communication Department and Testing Office)


Speech Communication Department Administration:

l. Department assessment responsibilities will be under the supervision of the department chair, who will -

(a) coordinate assessment duties of the faculty in designated classes; 

(b) serve as liaison with School of Education and Testing Office; 

(c) with advice of special assessment committee, recommend assessment evaluations to the Testing Office.

2. To advise chairman in assessment matters, there will be a departmental speech proficiency assessment committee, composed of 5 faculty, appointed by the chair, with approval of the department.

(a) The department chair shall be ex-officio member of the committee.

(b) The committee will recommend assessment policies to the department. 

(c) It will advise chair in recommendations of assessment evaluators. 

(d) It will serve as an appeals committee for appeals rising out of assessment program.

Assessment Procedures (Departmental)

1. Assessments will be made for all students requesting it in the following designated courses: Speech Communication 271, 331, 333, 335, 352, 355, and 358.

2. Three copies of the evaluation form will be made. One copy will be given the student, another copy sent to the appropriate department in School of Education, and the third copy to Speech Communication Department.

3. Faculty will not furnish assessments for students on individual basis out of class. 

Assessment Procedures (Testing Office) 

1. The student wishing the assessment should go to the Business Office (SS/AD 148) and pay the assessment fee ($3.50).

2. The student should then take the fee receipt, along with student identification card, to the Testing Office (SS/AD 220) to schedule the time for the assessment. Preparation instructions will be given to the student by the Testing Office.

3. The student should prepare for the assessment and then appear before the assessment evaluator at the time scheduled.

Evaluation Form:

1. The following evaluations will be given 

(a) PASS -- given persons qualified for demands of classroom communication

(b) PASS WITH QUALIFICATIONS -- given persons who are adequate, but whose effectiveness in classroom should be enhanced in specific areas 

(c) UNSATISFACTORY -- given to persons who clearly lack proficiency for the demands of classroom communication

2. Persons given a PASS WITH QUALIFICATION shall be informed on their evaluation form of the specific areas in which they need improvement, and if possible, names of recommended courses to achieve improvement. Motivation for the student to take recommended courses shall be the responsibility of the School of Education.

3. Persons given an UNSATISFACTORY shall be informed on their evaluation forms of the specific areas in which they are deficient, and, if possible, recommended courses or remedial programs that may assist in removing such deficiencies.

(a) The Speech Communication Department will recommend that persons given an UNSATISFACTORY shall not be admitted to the Teacher Education Program until they have been given a Pass or Pass with Qualifications on a subsequent assessment.

(b)Persons given an UNSATISFACTORY rating may be given a provisional admission to the Teacher Education Program by petitioning to University Secondary Teacher Education Committee through the Departmental Single Subject Teacher Education Coordinator.

Appeal Procedure:
1. Persons given an UNSATISFACTORY may appeal this decision to the Speech Communication Department Assessment Committee by following the procedures below within one month of receiving the "Unsatisfactory" evaluation.

(a) They shall first confer with the Speech Communication Department Chair concerning the test results.

(b) If deemed necessary, the chair may schedule a reassessment before the Speech Communication Department Assessment Committee. A quorum of three must be present and a majority vote is required for decision.

2. If the appeal to the Speech Communication Department is not resolved to the student's satisfaction, further appeal may be directed to the University Secondary Teacher Education Committee through the Department Single Subject Coordinator or the University Coordinator, for Secondary Education. 

Effective: Immediately 
DEG: bjp