Resolution Documents

Resolution Condemning Discriminatory Laws, Policies, and Practices Aimed at LGBTQIA+ Persons

Resolution in Support of Shared Governance in Enrollment Management Decision Making[PDF]
Resolution in Favor of Free Faculty Choice in Assigning Course Materials, Including Format, and Opposing the 'Equitable' Textbook Access Program (ETAP)[PDF]
Resolution in Support of CSULB Faculty and Staff Parents and Caregivers[PDF]
Resolution of CFA Long Beach on Campus Wide Unit 3 Employees Workload [PDF]
Senate Resolution in Support of and in Solidarity with the Iranian People‚Äôs Struggle for Human Rights [PDF]
Resolution Condemning Racism and Anti-Asian Violence in Society(PDF)
Resolution on Gender Inclusive Language (PDF)
Resolution on Ethnic Studies Requirement by ASCSU(PDF)
Resolution on WSCUC/WASC Steering committee 2018-20(PDF)
Resolution AB 798 College Textbook Affordability(PDF)
Resolution in Support of Hosting the National Conference on Undergraduate Research 2021(PDF)
Resolution: CSULB Academic Senate Executive Order 1100 & 1110(PDF)
DACA Resolution - DACA FAQ's(PDF)
Recommendation for a Comprehensive Campus Climate Survey(PDF)
Resolution on Classroom Scheduling(PDF)
Resolution: Presidential Search(PDF)
Resolution: Academic Freedom(PDF)
Resolution: In Support of Proposition 30 ( Adopted October 18, 2012)(PDF)
Resolution: New Curricular Process Guidelines (Adopted October 4, 2012(PDF)
Resolution: Due Diligence in Suspensions of Graduate Admissions and Revisions of the Discontinuance Policy (Adopted October 4, 2012)(PDF)
Resolution CSU President Searches(PDF)
Resolution on the American Institutions Requirement (Adopted May 12, 2011)(PDF)
American Institutions Requirement Q & A 
Mandatory Early Start Programs Resolution (Adopted December 9, 2010)(PDF)
Climate Committment Resolution (Adopted April 16, 2009)(PDF)
Student Response Device [Clickers] Campus-Wide Standardization, Statement on (Adopted March 12, 2009)(PDF)
Statement on Dr. Kevin MacDonald's Work (Adopted May 5, 2008)(PDF)
Resolution: Smoking Outside of Buildings (Adopted June 2003)(PDF)