Superseded and Obsolete Degrees

Inactive/Obsolete Degree-related Policies

This is a numerical index of degree-related policies that are inactive, have been superseded, or are obsolete.  In addition to most of the policies being available as PDF links below, hard copies of all policies are also available in the Academic Senate office.

Inactive/Obsolete Degree-related Policies
Number Subject PDF Date
12-00 Policy on General Education PDF 02/21/2012
02-17 Engineering Management, Master of Science in PDF 11/14/2002
01-05 Integrated Teacher Education Program (ITEP)Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies Multiple Subject Credential - Cross Cultural and Academic Development Emphasis (Superseded by 05-13) PDF 04/26/2001
98-01 Physical Therapy, Master of PDF 01/30/1998
97-14 Business Administration, Bachelor of Science in, Management Information Systems Option, Track in Application Development, Track in Business Telecommunication  (Refer to Current Catalog) PDF 08/01/1997
97-07 Dance, Master of Option in Dance Education PDF 04/14/1997
96-03 English, BA in Option in Language and Linguistics and Literacy and Composition  (Replaced with Option in Rhetoric and Composition - BA in Linguistics) PDF 02/28/1996
95-21 Student Grievance Procedure PDF 12/15/1995
95-11 Journalism, BA in, Option in Print Journalism PDF 06/23/1995
94-03 Computer Science, Minor in (Superseded by PS 04-02) PDF 03/01/1994
93-12 Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling (VRC), Master of Science in Counseling Option in PDF 11/15/1993
93-11 Engineering Technology Computer Technology Option, Bachelor of Science in PDF 11/15/1993
93-10 Biotechnolgy, Certificate in PDF 11/15/1993
93-05 Japanese, B.A. Degree in PDF 04/26/1993
93-04 B.S. in Biology, General Biology, Botany, Ecology and Environmental Biology, Physiology, Zoology, Option in PDF 03/30/1993
93-03 Peace Studies, Certificate Program in PDF


93-02 Gerontology, M.S. in PDF 01/27/1993
93-01 Biology Option in Cellular and Molecular Biology and Genetics, B.S. in Biology. PDF 01/27/1993
92-06 Aerospace Engineering, Master of Science in PDF 06/22/1992
92-05 Language Development Specialist Certificate Program PDF 06/08/1992
92-04 Revision to Master of Science in Health Science (6-1211). Master of Public Health in Community Health Education (7-1213) PDF 06/08/1992
91-11 Radiation Therapy, Bachelor of Science in Health Science Option in PDF 12/10/1991
91-09 Dance, Master of Fine Arts in PDF 10/25/1991
91-07 International Studies, Bachelor of Arts in PDF 05/13/1991
91-06 International Business, The School of Business Administration Option in PDF 05/13/1991
91-01 Liberal Studies, Bachelor of Arts in PDF 01/25/1991
90-02 Russian, Minor in PDF 02/12/1990
90-01 Classical Studies, Minor in PDF 12/15/1989
89-07 Dance, Bachelor of Fine Arts in (Superseded by 98-03) PDF 10/30/1989
89-05 Policy for a Smoke-Free Campus Environment PDF 06/16/1989
89-04 Public Works Administration, Master of Public Administration Option in PDF 04/25/1989
89-03 Teaching of Reading and Language Arts, Graduate Certificate in the PDF 05/24/1989
89-02 Applied Mathematics, Minor in PDF 04/25/1989
89-01 Counseling, Master of Science in PDF 04/14/1989
88-09 Journalism, BA in, Option in Photojournalism PDF 12/09/1988
88-08 Mathematics Option in Mathematics Education, Bachelor of Arts in PDF 12/07/1988
88-07 Health Care Administration, Bachelor of Science in PDF 06/03/1987
88-06 Computer Science, Master of Science in PDF 04/30/1987
88-04 Art Option in Art Photography, Bachelor of Fine Arts in PDF 05/09/1988
88-03 Physics General Option, Master of Science in PDF 05/09/1988
88-02 Arts Management, Graduate Certificate in PDF 04/25/1988
87-07 Speech Communication, MA in, Option in Communication & Human Information Systems PDF 10/26/1987
87-02 Linguistics, Minor in PDF 02/26/1987
86-13 Biochemistry, Bachelor of Science in PDF 11/07/1986
86-11 Master of Art in Public Administration, Option in Urban Affairs PDF 07/18/1986
86-09 Law Office Administration, Graduate Certificate Program in PDF 05/07/1986
86-06 Leisure Counseling, Graduate Certificate Program in PDF 04/10/1986
86-02 Music Degree, Master of PDF 02/26/1986
86-01 Theatre Arts General Option, Bachelor Arts in PDF 10/10/1985
85-18 Master's Degree Course Levels PDF 12/03/1985
85-14 Single Subject Teacher Internship Credential PDF 05/24/1985
85-13 Military Science Program -- Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (AROTC) PDF 05/31/1985
85-11 Travel  and Tourism, Certificate in Adminstration PDF 05/06/1985
85-02 Social Work, Master of PDF 01/11/1985
84-05 Transportation Policy and Planning, Graduate Certificate Program in PDF 10/12/1984
84-04 Food Service Systems Administration, Certificate Program in PDF 06/01/1984
84-03 Public Sector Financial Management, Graduate Certificate in PDF 06/01/1984
84-02 Public Sector Financial Management, Graduate Certificate in (Superseded by 84-03) PDF 05/23/1984
84-01 Public Sector Employer-Employee Relations and Personnel Management, Graduate Certificate in PDF 02/09/1984
83-12 Science in Health Science, Option in Health Care for the Bachelor of PDF 10/27/1983
83-11 Computer Science, Bachelor of Science Degree in PDF 08/22/1983
83-10 Theatre Arts, Master of Fine Arts in PDF 07/29/1983
83-09 Community Health Education, Master of Public Health Degree Option in PDF 08/10/1983
83-03 Technical and Professional Writing, Certificate Program in PDF 03/31/1983
83-02 Interpersonal and Organizational Communication - Department of Speech Communications, Bachelor of Arts Degree Option in PDF 03/14/1983
83-01 Nutritional Science, Master of Science Degree in PDF 01/07/1983
82-13 Applied Mathematics, Master of Arts Option in PDF 10/08/1982
82-08 Multi-Subject Credential: Emphasis in Bilingual Instruction in Indo-Chinese Languages (Vietnamese, Cambodian, Laotian) and English  (Superseded by 95-10) PDF 01/29/1982
82-07 Single-Subject Credential: Emphasis in Bilingual Instruction in the Indochinese Languages (Vietnamese, Cambodian, and Lootian) and English PDF 06/10/1981
82-06 Resource Specialist Certificate of Competence PDF 04/14/1982
82-05 Spanish Options, Bachelor of Arts in PDF 04/30/1982
82-04 Italian, Minor in PDF 12/18/1981
82-03 Computer Applications in the Liberal Arts, Certificate in PDF 04/09/1982
82-02 Urban Executive Management, Graduate Certificate Program in PDF 02/10/1982
82-01 Public Sector Analytical and Administrative Skills, Graduate Certificate Program in PDF 02/24/1982
81-12 Vocational Education, Bachelor of Science in PDF 08/16/1979
81-10 Public Policy, Interdisciplinary Minor in PDF 01/10/1981
81-9 Special Major: M.A./M.S, Revision and Reorganization of PDF 03/05/1981
81-6 Outdoor Recreation Resources, Certificate Program in Administration PDF 02/24/1981
81-05 Certificate in Japanese PDF 02/24/1981
81-04 Outdoor Studies, Certificate Program in PDF 02/09/1981
81-02 Cartography, Certificate Program in (Superseded by PS 97-03) PDF 02/04/1981
80-05 Credential Program, Minimum Admissions Criteria for (Refer to Current Catalog) PDF 03/25/1980
80-04 Special Major, M.S. Degree in (Superseded by 81-09) PDF 01/17/1980
79-29 Transportation Management, Certificate in PDF 11/19/1979
79-26 Asian Studies for The Bachelor of Arts Degree, Major in PDF 10/05/1979
79-25 Business Economics, Minor in PDF 09/05/1979
79-24 Music, Minor in PDF 09/05/1979
79-23 Psychology, Minor in PDF 08/29/1979
79-22 Health Care Administration, Certificate Prgram in PDF 08/29/1979
79-10 Criminal Justice, Minor in PDF 03/30/1979
79-4 Applied Mathematics, Option in PDF 01/15/1779
79-3 Zoology, BA Option in (Refer to Current Catalog - Biological Sciences) PDF 01/15/1979
79-2 Psychology for the Bachelor of Arts Degree, Revisions in the Major in PDF 01/15/1979
79-1 Quantitative Methods, Minor in PDF 01/15/1979
78-41 Volunteer Services, Certificate Program in Administration of PDF 12/20/1978
78-39 Solid Waste Management, Certificate Program in PDF 11/28/1978
78-38 Philosophy Statement, Operations and Procedures of the Graduate Program PDF 07/05/1978
78-37 Minors for The Undergraduate Bulletin, Change in The Statement About PDF 06/07/1978
78-35 Coaching Certificate Program PDF 06/07/1978
78-34 Facilities Operations, Certificate in PDF 06/07/1978
78-33 Safety Operations, Certificate In PDF 06/07/1978
78-32 Governing Certificate, Policy Clarification Requirements PDF 06/07/1978
78-28 Business Computer Methods, Option in PDF 06/05/1978
78-27 Human Development for The Bachelor of Arts Degree, Major in PDF 06/051978
78-24 Gerontology, Certificate Program in PDF 04/17/1978
78-20 Energy Conversion and Power Systems Engineering, Certificate Program in PDF 03/27/1978
78-18 Religious Studies for the Bachelor of Arts Degree, Major in PDF 03/27/1978
78-16 Health Science Majors, Credential Program for PDF 01/27/1978
78-15 Asian Studies, Changes M.A. Requirements in PDF 01/26/1978
78-12 Automotive Supervision and Service, Certificate Program in PDF 01/26/1978
78-11 Graphic Arts Supervision, Certificate Program in PDF 01/26/1978
78-10 English, New Minors in: Teaching Emphasis, Special Option, Literature, Language and Composition, and Creative Writing PDF 01/26/1978
78-09 Professional Accounting Option Requirements PDF 01/26/1978
78-05 Health Science Majors (B.S.), Under Single Subject Area of Physical Education Credential Program for PDF 10/14/1977
78-04 Computer Science & Mathematics, Option in PDF 01/23/1978
78-03 Political Science, Minor in Public Administration in PDF 01/23/1978
78-02 Journalism, New Options for B.A. Degree in PDF 01/23/1978
77-25 Psychomotor Therapy, Certificate in PDF 06/29/1977
77-24 Mathematics-Statistics Option, Bachelor of Arts Degree in PDF 06/29/1977
77-22 Therapeutic Recreation, Certificate Program in PDF 05/09/1977
77-21 International Business, Graduate Certificate in PDF 05/03/1977
77-20 Liberal Studies Program, Completed PDF 05/03/1977
77-16 Industrial Technology, External Degree Program Leading to B.S. in PDF 04/13/1977
77-15 Nurse Practitioner, Cerfiticate As A PDF 04/05/1977
77-12 Instructional Media, Certificate Program in PDF 03/24/1977
77-10 Musical Therapy, Certificate Program in PDF 03/07/1977
77-7 Dance for the Bachelor of Arts Degree, Proposal for Major in PDF 01/28/1977
77-6 Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Program (Post-Baccalaureate Level), Proposal for PDF 01/31/1977
77-5 Teaching English As A Second Language, Proposal for Certificate Program in PDF 01/14/1977
77-4 Criminal Justice, Proposed Administrative Option for the B.S. in PDF 03/02/1977
77-3 Criminal Justice, Proposed General Option for the B.S. in PDF 01/03/1977
76-7 Physiology, Proposal for Minor in PDF 06/15/1976
76-6 Biology, Proposal for Minor in PDF 06/15/1976
76-5 Manpower Management, Proposal for Minor in (Changed to Human Resources Management) PDF 06/15/1976
75-24 American Studies, Minor in PDF 12/30/1975
75-23 Women's Studies, Minor in PDF 12/30/1975
75-22 Administrative Systems, Minor in PDF 12/30/1975
75-19 Nursing, M.S. Degree in PDF 10/10/1975
75-18 Religious Studies, Proposal for Minor in PDF 10/10/1975
75-11 Speech Test Requirement PDF 05/20/1975
75-9 Audiology, Option in PDF 10/10/1975
75-6 Art, Specialization in General Crafts for BFA in PDF 03/1975
75-3 Public Health, Master of PDF 01/1975
74-20 Biomedical Engineering, Option in PDF 09/19/1974
74-19 Speech Communication, Bachelor of Arts with Option in Teaching PDF 09/19/1974
74-18 Black Studies for the Bachelor of Arts Degree, Major in PDF 09/19/1974
74-17 Black Studies for the Bachelor of Arts Degree, Major in (Superseded by PS 74-18) PDF 07/08/1974
74-16 [Business Administration] Name Change of Option Title (Option in Quantitative Methods - BS Business Administration) PDF 07/08/1974
74-15 Business Administration Department Name Change and Change in Degree Terminology (Option in Adminsitrative Systems - BS Business Administration) PDF 07/08/1974
74-14 Criminology Department Name Change and Change in Degree Terminlogy PDF 07/08/1974
74-13 American Studies for the Bachelor of Arts Degree, Major in PDF 07/03/1974
74-11 Vocational Education, CSULB Participation in Statewide External Degree Program: Master of Arts in PDF 1974
74-6 Comparative Literature for the B.A. Degree, Options for the major in PDF 03/04/1974
74-5 Russian, Consortium Bachelor of Arts Degree in PDF 03/04/1974
74-4 Fine Arts Degree, Bachelor of PDF 03/04/1974
74-3 Comparative Literature, Minor in PDF 03/04/1974
74-2 English, Special Option in PDF 03/04/1974
73-25 Certificate Programs and Graduate Study (Superseded by 85-08) PDF 05/15/1973
73-24 Second Master's Degree PDF 05/15/1973
73-23 Degree, Option for Degree. Certicate Program, Credential, or Minor in The Academic Master Plan PDF 05/15/1973
73-22 Receipt of Proposals for New Degrees, New Options within Degrees, New Certificate Programs, New Credentials, and New Minors by The Financial Affairs Council, Deadline for (This policy is no longer in effect) PDF 05/15/1973
73-21 Degree Terminology, Change in PDF 04/19/1974
73-18 Foreign Study Programs PDF 04/03/1973

Greek, Minor in

PDF 03/04/1974
73-9 Interdisciplinary Courses for General Education, Guidelines for PDF 10/24/1972
73-9 Career Guidance Specialist, Certificate Program for PDF 03/04/1974
73-7 Master of Public Administration, Change in Degree Title PDF 03/04/1974
72-13 Degree Terminology, Procedure for Change in (Superseded by 97-01) PDF 03/09/1972
72-12 Credit by Examination (Superseded by 05-07) PDF 03/10/1972
72-10 S-Factor Courses (Superseded by 94-06) PDF 12/01/1971
72-9 Interdisciplinary Programs PDF 12/01/1971
72-5 Baccalaureate Degree on Supervisory Courses, Unit Limits for PDF 06/11/1971
72-4 Philosophy on Joint Doctoral Degree, Statement of PDF 06/01/1971
72-3 General Education Requirements (Addition to Category II) (Superseded by 00-00) PDF 06/01/1971
72-2 Graduate Level Courses Without Advanced Degree PDF 06/01/1971
72-1 Graduate Level Courses Not Accepted for Department's Degree Program (This policy is no longer in effect) PDF 06/01/1971
71-17 Experimental Courses PDF 03/08/1971
71-14 Withdrawals (Superseded by 02-2) PDF 02/14/1971
71-13 Receipt of Proposals for New Degrees, New Options Within Degrees, And New Certificate Programs by The Financial Affairs Council, Deadlines for PDF 02/19/1971
71-12 Degree or Option for a Degree in the Academic Master Plan (Superseded by 73-23) PDF 02/19/1971
71-7 Additional Baccalaureate Degree PDF 01/06/1971
71-5 Grade Points PDF 01/06/1971
71-4 Double Major (Superseded by 95-18) PDF 01/06/1971
71-3 Department Name Change, Procedures for (Superseded by 97-01) PDF 01/06/1971
71-2 Center for Urban Studies PDF 12/19/1970
71-1 Student Departmental Associations, Establishment of PDF 12/19/1970
70-26 Centers for Research and Special Programs, Guidelines for Organization and Operations of (Superseded by 98-10) PDF 11/06/1970
70-24 Graduate Program - Philosophy, Operation & Procedures for (Superseded by 78-38) PDF 06/19/1970
70-23 Certificate Programs (This policy is obsolete) PDF 06/19/1970
70-18 Extension Programs - Policies for CSULB PDF 06/08/1970
70-11 English Requirements for Entering Foreign Graduate Students PDF 03/17/1970
70-7 Ethic Studies Groups, Exceptions to Curricular Procedures for PDF 02/24/1970
70-6 Experimental Courses for 5-year Credential Candidates, Use of (This policy is no longer in effect) PDF 02/24/1970
70-2 Experimental Courses (This policy is no longer in effect) PDF 01/27/1970