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Policy Statement - 03-12 Mathematics, Master of Science in, Option in Applied Statistics

Master of Science in Mathematics

Option in Applied Statistics (code MATHMS03)

This new option was recommended by the Academic Senate on May 15, 2003 and approved by the President on June 17, 2003.


1. A bachelor's degree with at least 24 upper division units in mathematics from an accredited college or university.

2. A grade of "C" or better in MATH 247, 323, 361 A, 380, 381 or their equivalents.

Advancement to Candidacy

In addition to University requirements, the student must have completed all prerequisite courses listed above, with no grade less than "C." Student must have passed the Writing Proficiency Examination (WPE) and should file for Advancement upon completion of at least six units (and no more than nine units) of the Program, with at least a 3.0 GPA.


1. A minimum of 30 graduate and approved (") upper division units in mathematics including:

A. MATH ''480, 580, 581.

B. Four additional courses selected from MATH "382, *483, 583, 584, 585, 586.

C. A minimum of 18 units at the 500/600 level, including at least 15 units of Graduate courses in mathematics other than MATH 697 or 698.

2. Complete one of the following:

A. Pass a comprehensive written examination in two areas of statistics.

B. Subject to the approval of the Graduate Committee of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, write a thesis in statistics and defend it orally.

Specific requirements-for passing the comprehensive examinations can be found on the Mathematics and Statistics Department website at


EFFECTIVE: Fall 2003

Code: MATHMS03

College: 65

Career: GR

IPEDS (Major)

ERSS: 17021

IPEDS (Degree)

ERSD: 17021