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Discover the College of Liberal Arts

The College of Liberal Arts at CSULB is the largest college on campus, with thirty-one excellent departments and programs, several innovative centers and projects, over 685 outstanding faculty members, and over 74 individual staff members. The college faculty are among the best in the nation and have received a variety of national and international awards. CLA has 9300 undergraduate students pursuing a variety of highly valued degrees through the college’s 99 unique majors and minors. Additionally, 575 graduate students are also obtaining advanced degrees and special certificates in the college. With degrees ranging from humanities and foreign languages to social and behavioral sciences, CLA’s graduates are well-rounded citizens, effective communicators, and analytical thinkers who live knowledgeably, responsibly, and humanely in a world where complex problems demand informed, creative, and thoughtful solutions. The skills gained through degrees from CLA are invaluable and open up countless career paths for graduates to follow.

The College of Liberal Arts will be the educational focal point for connecting Long Beach State University with the city of Long Beach, the broader Southern California region, and the world. Our students will receive the skills, training, experiences and sense of purpose that are needed to be thoughtful citizens in an uncertain world and community builders who can bridge all sectors of society.