Campus Assessment & Stabilization Team (CAST)

Mobile mental health team supporting the Long Beach community with a humanistic response to urgent matters at CSULB.

Who is CAST

CAST is a team of mobile mental health professionals, in collaboration with law enforcement, responding to crisis and urgent needs of the CSULB campus and surrounding community with a humanistic and trauma-informed approach.

CAST Services

CSULB has made mental health a campus-wide focus and priority. CAST will support students, faculty, staff, and the surrounding community experiencing a mental health and/or behavioral health crisis.

CAST Goals With Outreach

  1. Reduction in voluntary/involuntary psychiatric hospitalization
  2. Reduction in use of force during a crisis situation
  3. Link participant to at least one support resource

How CAST Supports

CAST will effectively engage individuals, triage their needs, and link them to on and off campus resources through community partnerships. CAST can support with the following:

  • Emergency/Crisis Calls
  • Referrals
  • Conducting Welfare Checks
  • Outreach and Educational Activities

Ways We Support

CAST looks at all resources on and off campus to support the needs of each member of our Long Beach community. On Campus services: