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Policy Statement - 08-09 School Nurse Credential (Post-Baccalaureate) (code 600)

Policy Statement
March 4, 2008

School Nurse Credential (Post-Baccalaureate) (code 600)

This new credential was recommended by the Academic Senate on February 14, 2008,
 approved by the President on February 29, 2008
and received prior approval by the CTC on June 6, 2007.


The Post-Baccalaureate School Nurse Services Credential Program consists of 24 units of specific coursework that prepare nurses who have completed a bachelor’s degree in nursing to be effective providers of health care within the school setting. Students will develop practical and theoretical expertise in the field of school nursing. This allows them to initiate, coordinate, maintain and evaluate a comprehensive health program so that children’s ability to learn in school is maximized. The Post-Baccalaureate School Nurse Services Credential Program at California State University, Long Beach was developed for nurses who seek only the credential.


  1. Completion of Post-Baccalaureate Application for School Nurse Services Credential Program.
  2. Official transcript of Baccalaureate degree in nursing from an accredited university. Candidates must have a minimum overall GPA of 2.75 in their undergraduate program.
  3. Copy of State of California Registered Nurse License and California Public Health Nursing Certificate.
  4. Copy of current unexpired cardiopulmonary resuscitation card (adult, child, and infant) and copy of unexpired first aid card.
  5. Basic Physical Assessment course completed within 5 years.
  6. One-page written statement describing motivation and purpose for obtaining the Post-Baccalaureate School Nurse Service Credential.
  7. Three letters of recommendation.


Completion of 24 units of course work with a grade of “B” or better:

Required: (18 units)

  1. NRSG 535 (3 units) Pediatric Physical Assessment
  2. NRSG 536 (3 units) Theories for School Nursing Practice and NRSG 536L (3 units) Clinical Studies in School Nursing
  3. H SC 430 (3 units) School Health Program
  4. EDSP 350 (3 units) Education of Exceptional Individuals
  5. C D 373 (3 units) Audiology I

Elective: (6 units from the list below)

  1. FCS 409 (3 units) Language, Learning and the Developing Child in Cross-Cultural Perspective or;
  2. EDP 432 (3 units) Social and Cultural Diversity in Educational Settings or;
  3. H SC 427 ( 3 units) Drugs and Health or;
  4. H SC 460 (3 units) Health Care Program Development or;
  5. C D 432 (3 units) Pediatric Audiology

Code: 600
College: 50
Career: GR