New Students

Welcome to the College of Education! We are proud to have you as a new graduate student at The Beach. The College of Education’s mission is to foster a learning and teaching community committed to educational excellence. The Office of Graduate Studies is here to support graduate student success from the point of first contact through program completion and beyond. We work closely with your program faculty, administration, and office of Enrollment Services to ensure a smooth experience at CSULB. 


Explore and complete the steps outlined by CSULB Enrollment Services to ensure you meet all requirements necessary to transition your academic experience to The Beach:

Enrollment Services Steps for New Students


The Graduate Studies Office sends a weekly email digest to current students to your official CSULB email address. We compile important information and announcements to send once per week in an effort to reduce the number of emails students receive from our office. Topics include important deadlines, College of Education events, campus events and workshops, job/internship/volunteer opportunities, and campus resources.  Students are welcome to submit campus events for inclusion in the weekly message at

CSULB students are required to maintain a CSULB email address on file with the university and to check their email regularly as the university uses email as the official means of communication. Login to CSULB Single SignOn and click on “Outlook Email” to access your CSULB email account.

Newly admitted College of Education graduate students are invited to a variety of in-person and online welcome sessions with information about College of Education resources, University resources, and opportunities to hear from current students about their experiences. Please note that each graduate program also hosts their own program-specific orientations. 

Enrollment is completed on MyCSULB. Need help navigating MyCSULB? Please log on and select the yellow MyCSULB chiclet to get started.  Learn more about your MyCSULB account and how to navigate the system.

Once you receive confirmation from Enrollment Services you may register for classes through MyCSULB. If you have any questions or concerns about which classes to enroll in, please contact your program faculty advisor.

The Schedule of Classes contains course listings for each semester as well as information on key registration deadlines and fees. 


Please see the Enrollment Services Tuition and Fees page regarding due dates for fees. If you do not pay your fees you will be dropped from your classes. 

Please note that students who are receiving Financial Aid may have their fees deferred.  If you have any questions about your Financial Aid, please reach out to the Financial Aid Office.

Faculty provide a list of books required to the University Bookstore and/or list them in the syllabus. Information may be available prior to the start of the semester so that you may purchase or rent books in advance, while some faculty provide book requirements on the first day of class. Check the University Bookstore for the availability of used textbooks or the option to rent some textbooks.  They also offer discounts on software. You may access the University Bookstore through MyCSULB.

Your student ID Card allows you to access campus privileges such as library services, computer labs, Beach Club debit, etc. If you recently attended CSULB you may use your previous student ID card or obtain a new one at no charge. Obtaining your student ID card.

  • Parking Costs
  • Where to park. Hover the cursor over each lot to see parking lot requirements. Please note that a permit is ALWAYS required when using a university parking space.
  • CSULB operates Campus Shuttle Connection throughout the campus during the fall and spring semesters. You may also download the Ride Systems App to view shuttle routes, save favorite stops, receive updates, and view real-time tracking of all vehicles that are in service.
  • In the evenings you may request to be accompanied to your vehicle by Campus Safety Officers.
  • Los Angeles and Orange County offer student discounts to those who ride the bus to campus

Help navigating Canvas

Navigating Graduate Studies at The Beach provides a centralized online space for all grad students to learn about campus resources, student support services, and the path to graduation.

List of Campus Resources

List of Campus Services