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Teacher Librarian Services Credential

Teacher Librarian Services Credential

Program Overview

The Teacher Librarian Services Credential Program at CSULB is designed to prepare fully-qualified, outstanding teacher librarian professionals, and emphasizes meeting the information, educational technology and reading needs of diverse populations. It offers a Teacher Librarian Services Credential and a Special Class Authorization in Information and Digital Literacies. 

The state and NCATE-accredited program is based on the principles and philosophy of the American Association of School Librarians, emphasizing the information professional roles of teaching for learning, building the learning environment, and empowering learning through leadership.

The program is strongly committed to the principles of equal opportunity for diverse populations. Assignments, readings, and course objectives emphasize the importance of multicultural / multilingual programs and materials. Course delivery is provided in face-to-face and online formats, usually in a blended format, to meet the needs of various communities.

Program Options

Teacher Librarian Services Credential

Students can earn this credential, which supplements a California initial teaching credential.

Master of Arts in Education

Students can also pursue a Master of Arts in Education, Option in Educational Technology and Media Leadership degree, which subsumes the credential work.

Special Class Authorization in Information and Digital Literacy

The program is also approved to provide the coursework to fulfill the Special Class Authorization for Teacher Librarians, and currently offers ETEC523 to that end, via CCPE.


Our students say: The Teacher-Librarian Credential is a great program and it prepares students to take an active role in promoting literacy in schools.

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