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Urban Dual Credential Program (UDCP)

Urban Dual Credential Program (UDCP)

Application for Fall 2021 are due no later than June 1, 2021.

Beginning on Friday, January 7, 2022, staff in the Teacher Preparation Advising Center will be working remotely due to the COVID-19 surge we are currently experiencing. Staff will continue to be available via Zoom during the hours indicated below. We expect to be able to resume in-person and phone advising in addition to zoom advising on Monday, February 7, 2022. Please continue to check the CSULB COVID-19 website for up-to-date information.

January 24th - February 4th

Monday through Friday

9-11am and 2-4pm

For Online Zoom Advising:

Program Overview

The Urban Dual Credential Program is a blended Multiple Subject and Education Specialist Credential Program.  The Preliminary Urban Dual Credential Program (UDCP) at CSULB prepares candidates to teach both in the elementary general education classroom as well as the elementary/middle school special education setting.  Candidates will earn both a Preliminary Multiple Subject and Preliminary Education Specialist Credential in 2 years.

Program Features

  • 54 units (42 units Core Courses  & 12 units Student Teaching)
  • Credential Courses taught at elementary school site
  • Cohort Program
  • Begins in Fall semester Only
  • Learn to teach in a high need urban school setting alongside master teachers in a 2-year clinical placement model.

Program Options

UDCP Post-Bac Program

Candidates entering this program have either received a Bachelor's Degree or will receive a Bachelor's Degree prior to the end of their Credential Program (including CSULB Liberal Studies majors). Through this pathway candidates will earn a Preliminary Multiple Subject Credential and Preliminary Education Specialist Credential in 2 years.

Liberal Studies ITEP Urban Dual Credential Program (UDCP)

Candidates entering this program are in the third year of the Liberal Studies program and have completed a majority of Liberal Studies core requirements. These students will apply for the ITEP pathway with an ITEP credential program by Senior Year. Through this ITEP pathway, candidates will earn their Liberal Studies Bachelor's Degree, Preliminary Multiple Subject Credential and Preliminary Education Specialist Credential all in 5 years.

For additional information related to professional licensure and certification related to this program, please see the Credential Center.