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Faculty Resources and Support

Explore Faculty Resources and Support

Getting Started

The College and University provide a wide range of resources and support for faculty as they navigate their careers at CSULB.

Get started with the Faculty Affairs Faculty Handbook and CSULB Lecturer Resources. The College also hosts a one-stop shop for lecturer faculty and a curated collection of resources on navigating the academic career.

Teaching Resources

CSULB's Faculty Center provides a wealth of teaching resources. In addition, the College has compiled a collection of research-based Teaching Best Practices, a set of Web-based Teaching and Learning Resources organized by topical area, and a listing of teaching and learning symposia

Supporting Students

The University provides a wide range of resources for supporting the academic and personal success of our students. The Division of Student Affairs curates a collection of these resources. 

Writing, Grant and Research Consultants and Institutional Review Board Support

During the Fall and Spring semesters, CED Interim Director of Research Paul Ratanisiripong offers twice-monthly writing retreats and individual consultations on manuscripts, revise and resubmits, grant development, and more. Research consultations are also available to faculty, staff and students and may cover qualitative and quantitative research projects and theses, grant proposals, instrument design and data analysis. The Interim Director of Research provides qualitative research consultations, while Jonathan O'Brien provides qualitative research consultations during Fall and Spring Semesters. Request a writing, grant or research consultation.

The College also provides a liaison to the Institutional Review Board (IRB) for general consultations regarding the IRB process and review of applications prior to submission. The IRB Liaison is available for graduate students, faculty, and staff. 

CED and CSULB Research, Scholarly and Creative Activity Awards

The University and College provide a number of competitive award opportunities to support faculty research and scholarly activities. Several of these awards represent collaborative efforts between the college and university. More information on awards is available.

External Grants and Contracts

The College and University collaborate to provide resources for faculty to develop, submit, and manage external grants and contracts. The Research and Grants pages provide more details.

Grant Incentive Ressigned Time for Funded External Grants

Faculty who receive external grant funding in the form of reassigned time buy out at the full salary and benefit rate may apply to receive additional reassigned time from the College. The purpose of Grant Incentive Reassigned Time is to extend the work beyond the funded grant activities, including implementation in the College or community, conducting and/or disseminating research findings from the grant, and/or preparing to submit a subsequent grant. Full-time faculty may request up to 3 units of reassigned time per academic year. In order to be eligible, the faculty member may not receive reassigned time in excess of the cap of 6 units per semester from all sources (e.g., program coordination, grants, contracts, new tenure-track faculty reassigned time, etc.). Applications must be received by no later than March 1 to be considered for College-funded reassigned time for the following Fall Semester and October 1 for the following Spring Semester.

Additional Resources for Research, Scholarly and Creative Activities

Faculty Governance

The Academic Senate provides a variety of Policy Statements and Resolutions that guide important aspects of faculty work at the University.

Faculty Evaluation

Faculty Affairs provides guidelines for evaluation of lecturers, tenure-track, and tenured faculty. The College has a Reappointment, Tenure and Promotion (RTP) policy and forms that are used in reviews. More information.