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CED Study Abroad Programs

Several College of Education faculty regularly host study abroad opportunities, which are open to students in the CED and may be open to students from other colleges. These programs are generally offered during university breaks, such as winter or summer sessions. Please contact the relevant faculty member for further information on the programs they offer. Additionally, the Center for International Education provides a full listing of faculty-led programs from across the university, many of which are open to undergraduate, graduate, and post-baccalaureate students from any college.

College of Education Graduate/Post-Baccalaureate Programs Abroad



Alex Morales — Cambodian Culture, Education, and Diaspora

Angkor Wat Temple, Siem Reap Province
Angkor Wat Temple, Siem Reap Province

This class provides an examination and analysis of history and conditions leading to the diaspora of Cambodians during the Khmer Rouge Regime and to the resettlement of many in California, including social and psychological effects for individuals and families. Examination of current educational issues in Cambodia and local Cambodian communities in the U.S. are also part of the class. The class also provides students the opportunity to become involved in project-based learning activities for impoverished children, students, and their families in Cambodia. These activities take place in collaboration with Hearts Without Boundaries and Rescue Task Force, two U.S. non-profit organizations that provide heart surgery, dental services, and educational support.

Dental Hygiene Lessons in Rural Village, Kandal Province
Dental Hygiene Lessons in Rural Village, Kandal Province


Math Lesson Study with Teachers in Nanjing
Math Lesson Study with Teachers in Nanjing

Shuhua An — Study Abroad: Math Education Graduate Program

This class analyzes current major issues in international mathematics education and identifies the universal and culturally-defined factors that impact effective mathematics teaching in different cultural and educational systems. Students have the opportunity to visit local schools and observe math lessons at different grade levels in China. They also develop and teach standards-based mathematics lessons in English in Chinese math classrooms, which leads to a math lesson study activity with Chinese colleagues. From comparing, contrasting, and evaluating Chinese mathematics lessons and their peers’ teaching, students examine the elements of effective mathematics instruction in different cultural and educational systems. By interacting with classroom teachers, interviewing international scholars, and attending an international conference in China, students identify effective strategies that promote teaching and learning with an understanding of the global context and reflect on their own teaching practices in the U.S.

CSULB Students Explore Shanghai
CSULB Students Explore Shanghai

Costa Rica

Nature Walk in Monteverde Cloud Forest
Nature Walk in Monteverde Cloud Forest

Stephen Adams — ETEC 525: Digital Culture and Society

This course offers a special summer version of ETEC 525 Digital Culture and Society with study abroad in Costa Rica. The course begins at CSULB, with students learning about social implications of information technologies and getting ready by preparing presentations. The class then flies to San Jose, Costa Rica, staying at the nearby city of Heredia. The class meets with students at a Costa Rican university, giving their presentations in English and, in small groups, discussing perspectives about the issues raised. The class also visits K-12 schools in Costa Rica to learn about their educational practices and uses of technology. The travel is also timed to coincide with activities at the collaborating university, such as an educational conference. The study abroad experience includes an excursion to surrounding areas, and is open to graduate students and educators.

Arenal Volcano
Arenal Volcano

Greece (Crete)

Historic Chania
Historic Chania

Bita Ghafoori — COUN 680: Advanced Treatment Seminar, Study Abroad Course in the U.S. and Greece

This elective course provides training on current evidence-based treatment for individuals and families contending with depression and anxiety disorders, including stress and loss, in adults and children. Actual materials that can be used for treatment will be provided along with opportunities to practice interventions and techniques in class. The overall intent is to “fill in the gaps” in students’ knowledge about how to design and implement a course of therapy for common psychological presentations. While in Greece, students have the opportunity to dialogue with Greek students who are obtaining a M.S. in Psychology, attend a psychodrama of a Greek family therapy by a Greek professor with a specialty in family therapy, discuss Socratic questioning in Delphi (where Socrates and Plato engaged in Socratic dialogue), and visit historic and cultural sites such as Temple of Zeus, Acropolis, Balos Lagoon, Castle of Rethymno, and Chania.

The Majestic Acropolis
The Majestic Acropolis

College of Education Undergraduate Programs Abroad

Opportunities for Summer Terms


Students who want to take a course or two abroad during the Summer or Winter are encouraged to take a look at the listings offered below, as these courses all meet specific major requirements and have been historically successful experiences for Liberal Studies majors. Many of these courses are taught by Liberal Studies faculty and lecturers, and are easy to navigate in terms of course outlines/itineraries and professor contact information. If you hold any interest in any of the opportunities below, be sure to browse the information accordingly and contact the professor hosting the specific trip. Then, you will visit and/or schedule an appointment with the Study Abroad Office for more information on next steps in documentation and payments.

Ireland: L/ST 471

L/ST 471 "History Capstone" 

Ireland: July 6-27, 2022

Meets Core Requirement Area IV / Group 6 (History Capstone) for Liberal Studies Majors.

L/ST 471 is a three-unit course designed to provide pre-service teachers with a more intensive understanding of the content and disciplinary skills of history and the social sciences pursuant to the K-8 curriculum in History/Social Science in California.  Assessment and inquiry will focus upon student literacy in the social sciences, integrating geographical perspectives with historical analysis, and facilitating student depth of knowledge and global perspective in understanding contemporary California, and Early American and Pre-Modern World history.

Included as part of the experience:

  • Welcome dinner
  • Guided Dublin History Tour, Abbey Theatre tickets, Guinness Factory, Dingle Peninsula, Galway, Salt Hill, Belfast Tour, Cliff of Moher, Killaloe / Lough Derg Lake Cruise, Inch Beach, St. Mary's Cathedral, National History Museum Dublin, Literary Pub Crawl
  • Also arranged: Blarney Castle, Bunratty Castle, Rock of Cashel, Jameson Factory, Galway Walking Tour, King John's Castle
  • A guided coach and walking tour of Belfast, Titanic Museum
  • Farewell dinner

For official details for this study abroad opportunity/course, refer to the affiliated L/ST 471 Summer Study Abroad Webpage.

For an informational flier for this study abroad opportunity/course, refer to the L/ST 471 Summer Study Abroad Handout (PDF)PDF icon 

For further information and/or to express interest, contact Professor Hollie Schillig at

London & Brighton, UK: L/ST 404

L/ST 404 "Arts and Values"

London/Brighton, UK: June 15-July 7, 2022

Meets Core Requirement Area V / Group 5 (Arts Capstone) for Liberal Studies Majors.

Liberal Studies 404 aims to build a foundation for exploring the value of the arts, especially related to their application within schools and communities.

This course is designed to produce a deeper awareness of concepts and practices that are basic to understanding the arts, their forms, and their relationships to societies and issues.  The course will explore the effects of religion, Enlightenment philosophy, modernism, and multiculturalism on the arts. Methodology in arts education will be developed through a variety of teaching strategies that may be applied to all levels of education.

Included as part of the experience:

  • Cultural Activities and Excursions (Brighton)
    • Welcome dinner
    • A ticket to a theater production.
    • A guided ghost walk of Brighton.
    • Local transportation to the village of Rottingdean for a one day excursion.
  • Cultural Activities and Excursions (London)
    • Tickets to 4 theater productions in London’s West End.
    • Entrance to the Tower of London, with audio guides included.
    • A guided tour of Shakespeare’s Globe theater.
    • Entrance to the Tate Modern for a self guided tour.
    • Entrance to the Victoria and Albert Museum for a self guided tour.
    • A guided walking tour of Shakespeare and Dickens’ London.
    • A guided walking tour of Camden.
    • Farewell dinner.

For official details for this study abroad opportunity/course, refer to the affiliated L/ST 404 Summer Study Abroad Webpage.

For an informational flier for this study abroad opportunity/course, refer to the L/ST 404 Summer Study Abroad Handout (PDF). PDF icon 

For further information and/or to express interest, contact Professor Victoria Bryan at

London, Florence, & Rome: MUS 363

MUS 363 "Music & the Visual Arts"

London: June 16-24, 2022 & Italy: June 24-July 3, 2022

Meets Core Requirements Area V / Group 1 (Music) or Area V / Group 4 (Visual Arts) for Liberal Studies Majors.

This is an interdisciplinary course that focuses on visual art (including sculpture and architecture) and music and on the interrelationship among the arts in historical eras from the Renaissance through the 19th century. Wthat artists found in the cultural context of their day. We will do intensive classroom preparation in the week prior to our departure, allowing us to focus on our experience of the arts during our time abroad.

Included as part of the experience:


  • Entrance to the Tower of London with optional Beefeater tour.
  • A guided sightseeing tour of London by public transport.
  • A “Masterpieces” tour of the National Gallery with the services of a Blue Badge Guide.
  • A lunchtime concert at St-Martin-in-the-Fields.
  • Afternoon Tea at Kensington Palace.
  • A round-trip ticket for a river cruise between Westminster Pier and Greenwich Pier.
  • Entrance to the Sunday afternoon Organ Recital at Westminster Abbey.
  • A seated performance at Shakespeare’s Globe Theater.
  • A full-day excursion to Oxford, including round-trip transportation by Oxford Tube bus, a walking tour of the city with a Blue Badge guide and entrance to Christ church. Freetime for lunch and an opportunity to go punting on the river (at student cost).
  • A ticket to a west-end theater or musical performance.


  • A city walking tour with the services of a professional English-speaking guide.
  • A guided tour of the Duomo Museum and Baptistry, including entrance to Brunelleschi’s Dome.
  • A guided tour of the Uffizi Gallery.
  • Tickets to an Opera / Classical Concert.
  • A guided tour of the Accademia Gallery.
  • A visit to the Boboli Gardens and Piazzale Michelangelo to view the Florence skyline at sunset.


  • Guided walking tour of Rome’s historical center with the services of a professional, English-speaking guide.
  • Guided tour of Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill with the services of a professional, English-speaking guide.
  • A visit to the San Luigi Dei Francesi church.
  • Guided tour of the Vatican Museums, including the Raffaele rooms and the Sistine Chapel, followed by a visit to the St. Peter’s Basilica with the services of a professional, English- speaking guide.

For official details for this study abroad opportunity/course, refer to the affiliated MUS 363 Summer Study Abroad Webpage.

For an informational flier for this study abroad opportunity/course, refer to the MUS 363 Summer Study Abroad Handout (PDF) PDF icon . 

For further information and/or to express interest, contact Professor Paula Sabin at

The Semester-Abroad Experience

Liberal Studies students who want to take a full load of classes (four or five traditionally) during the Spring or Fall term(s) essentially "build their own journey." Students are encouraged to do their own research on opportunities and places abroad beforehand, and afterward will meet with an Advisor to discuss possible major course substitutions and credits, sign contracts, and then continue to meet with the Study Abroad office to finalize documentation and payments.


First: Research Study Abroad Opportunities & Contact a Study Abroad Advisor

We recommend students to start on the CSULB Study Abroad WebsiteThe Study Abroad / International Studies Office provides information sessions, searchable databases with options around the world, and scheduling options with a Study Abroad Advisor.

Here are some recommended and historically-popular Study Abroad Semester sites to discuss with a Study Abroad Advisor for our Liberal Studies students, based on the breadth of course offerings that align with program requirements:

We recommend that students explore the website for possible places and/or institutions of interest around the world. And touch base with a Study Abroad Advisor, either through information sessions and follow-up Q&A and/or scheduling a meeting through your Single-Sign-On under 'Beach Connect'. The Study Abroad Advisors will review eligibility, application documents and processes, finances and deadlines, etc..

Second: Meet with a Liberal Studies Advisor for Approval

After meeting with a Study Abroad Advisor and determining a university/courses abroad of interest, the next step is to meet with a Liberal Studies Advisor to discuss substitutions and/or equivalencies. The Liberal Studies curriculum is fairly specific and student's won't generally find "automatic" equivalencies to know what credit they are getting for their classes abroad. It's important and required to meet with an Academic Advisor to discuss which graduation requirements at CSULB will be met with Study Abroad coursework. The Liberal Studies Advisor will also sign with approval on the Study Abroad contract, which will designate which course/major classes are being met abroad.

  • Students can refer to the Liberal Studies Website for directions on how to reach a Liberal Studies Advisor (phone, drop-ins, appointments).

If you let us know which courses and locations of the world you are most interested in, we'll take a look at your academic plan and see what works best in course equivalencies toward graduation.