GS 700D Information

GS 700D is a zero unit course that allows students to continue working on thesis, comprehensive examination, or other final graduation requirements if not completed by the time all other program coursework is finished.

Every fall and spring semester, graduate students must be registered in a regular course, be enrolled in GS 700D, or have an approved educational leave on file with Enrollment Services. Registration in a regular course or in GS 700D also is required in winter or summer session if a student plans to graduate during one of these sessions.


Registration in GS 700D is restricted to College of Education graduate students who have completed all of their coursework and need additional time to complete final graduation requirements. If a graduate student wishes to take a semester off, they must take an Educational Leave (access the Education Leave Form through Enrollment Services), not enroll in GS 700D.

A student’s graduation date must not have passed in order to register for GS 700D. Students are responsible for updating their expected graduation date with Enrollment Services by filing a Request to Change Graduation Date (access the Request to Change Graduation Date Form through Enrollment Services).

Please note that the College of Education Policy on GS 700 limits enrollment to two semesters of GS 700.

Although GS 700D is a zero unit course, the fee is based on one unit of credit for payment purposes. No unit credit is added to the student’s program or transcript.

Please visit the College of Professional and Continuing Education website for current fees and deadlines.

College of Education students who are eligible to enroll in GS 700D should contact the College of Education Graduate Studies Office for the first and second enrollment via:

The Graduate Studies Office staff will review requests, confer with program faculty as needed, and notify students via email of permission to enroll in GS 700D on MyCSULB the first and second time.  

Although atypical, there may be a situation where a student wishes to enroll in additional semesters of GS 700D beyond two times. College of Education Policy on GS 700, third attempts require students to obtain the approval of their advisor and the College of Education Associate Dean for Graduate Studies. This is accomplished by completing the Exception Request form, obtaining the faculty advisor’s approval, and submitting the form to the Graduate Studies Office in EED-7. Please note the deadlines to enroll in GS 700D each term and allow at least 5 business days for the Associate Dean to review the Exception Request. The Exception Request form may be obtained from the College of Education Graduate Studies Office (