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Visit this page for the latest term deadlines for Admissions, Registration, Financial Aid, Scholarships, Fee Payments, and Graduation. For information on university holidays and future academic years, refer to the Academic Affairs Calendar.

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Event Spring 2024
Fall 2024
Applications open
First day that applications are accepted.
August 1 October 1
First-time, first-year (freshman) application deadline Closed to all applicants November 30
Lower-division transfer application deadline
Open only for highly qualified applicants to Nursing by referral of the department.
August 31 November 30
Upper-division transfer application deadline August 31 November 30
Second bachelor's application deadline
Open only for highly qualified applications to the following majors: Foreign languages, Nursing, Engineering, Natural Sciences (with the exception of Biological Sciences), and Math.
August 31 November 30
Readmission (Returning CSULB Students)
Students who have not attended another college or university since leaving CSULB.
August 31 November 30

Reinstatement Petition Process:
Students that are disqualified must complete all 3 steps below if considering returning to CSULB.

  1. Apply via Cal State Apply
  2. Submit a Reinstatement Petition to CSULB
  3. Submit official transcripts to CSULB (for all coursework completed and in-progress since disqualification)

For all steps and instructions, visit Academic Standing and Appeals.

Cal State Apply:
August 31

CSULB Petition and Transcripts:
October 1

Cal State Apply:
November 30

CSULB Petition and Transcripts:
February 15

Teaching credential programs application deadline November 1 June 1
Master's programs and certificates application deadline Varies by program
(no later than Nov. 1)
Varies by program (no later than June 1)
CSU Visitor/Concurrent Enrollment Deadline January 1 August 1
Cross-Enrollment Closed to all applicants Closed to all applicants
Undergraduate Admission Decisions
When an admission decision has been made, you will be notified by e-mail.  You can check the status of your application through Applicant Self-Service.
Mid-October - November Mid-February - April
Undergraduate Waitlist Decisions
Students originally placed on a waitlist will be notified by e-mail when an updated admissions decision is ready. Check the status of your application via Applicant Self-Service.
December - January May - July
Deadline to submit non-refundable enrollment deposit November 15 May 15

Event Spring 2024 Fall 2024
Schedule of Classes Oct. 9, 2023 Mar. 11, 2024
Residency Reclassification Deadline
Last day to submit the CSU Residence Questionnaire to be reclassified as a California resident for tuition purposes.
Nov. 1, 2023 Apr. 2, 2024
Continuing student (First Wave) registration begins
Registration appointment times are based on graduation status, class level, and units earned. Learn more via First Wave Registration.
Oct. 30, 2023 Apr. 8, 2024
New graduate student and returning student registration December May - Sept.
Educational Leave Deadline
Last day to file an Application for Educational Leave for the semester. (After this deadline, applications are considered by exception only and an appeal with a $10 missed deadline fee is required. Late applications will be considered only until the last day of the semester during which the educational leave is taken.)
May 24, 2024 Dec. 24, 2024
New undergraduate student registration
New first-year and transfer students register at SOAR.
Dec. - Jan. June - Aug.
CSU Visitor/Concurrent Enrollment Deadline Jan. 2, 2024 Aug. 1, 2024
Petition for Exception to Maximum Unit Load
First day you can register for more than 18 units. An approved petition is required.
Jan. 2, 2024 Aug. 5, 2024
Waitlist Deadline
Last day of waitlist auto-enrollment. After this date, waitlists are no longer used.
Jan. 8, 2024 Aug. 5, 2024
First day of classes
A $25 late registration fee will apply for initial registration starting this date or later.   
Jan. 22, 2024 Aug. 26, 2024
Open University Enrollment Jan. 22, 2024 Aug. 26, 2024
Last day to add or drop classes without approval 
Deadline to add or swap a class without approval. Deadline to drop a class without receiving a W. Deadline to drop and receive a refund for reduction in calculated charges. All changes must be completed in MyCSULB Student Center by 10 p.m.

(Refer to Fee Payments and Refunds section for refund deadlines.)
Feb. 11, 2024 Sept. 9, 2024
Day 1 Textbook Access
Deadline to opt-out of the textbook access (D1TA) program. Must be completed by 11:59 p.m.
N/A Sept. 9, 2024
Withdraw (with approval only)
Starting the third week of classes, you'll need to submit a request to withdraw in MyCSULB Student Center. If approved, you'll receive a W on your transcript for the class.
Feb. 11 - April 19, 2024 Sept. 10 - Nov. 20, 2024
Permission to Add (with approval only)
During the third week of classes, approval of the class instructor and the department are required to add a class. Contact the instructor to get approval before submitting a Permission to Add request in MyCSULB Student Center.
Feb. 12 - 16, 2024 Sept. 10 - 16, 2024
Late Add (by exception only)
During the fourth week of classes, you may only add a class if extenuating circumstances prevented you from enrolling before the deadline. Such requests are an exception to academic policy and require documentation. Approval of the class instructor and department are required. Contact the instructor to get approval before submitting a Permission to Add request in MyCSULB Student Center.

(Requests are considered by exception only and an appeal with a $10 missed deadline fee is required to submit your request, regardless of the outcome.)
Feb. 12 - 16, 2024  Sept. 17 - 23, 2024
Grade Option Change Request Deadline
Deadline to change grading option for a class to Credit/No Credit (CR/NC) or Audit (AU). (After this deadline, requests are considered by exception only and an appeal with a $10 missed deadline fee is required to submit your request, regardless of the outcome. Late requests are considered only until University Census.)
Feb. 11, 2024 Sept. 16, 2024
Deadline to file credit by examination Feb. 4, 2024 Sept. 9, 2024
University Census
Finalize your enrollment by this day. Enrollment as of this day is considered the official enrollment and is used for state reporting and select financial aid programs. Schedule changes after this day are not permitted, except for approved withdrawals.
Feb. 16, 2024 Sept. 23, 2024
Mid-Term Progress Reports
Instructors may provide mid-term progress reports, which are posted in MyCSULB Student Center. These grades do not appear on your transcript or affect your GPA; they are informational only. Because these are provided at the instructor's discretion, you may not receive mid-term progress reports for all of your classes.
Mid-March Mid-Oct.
Catastrophic Withdrawals
Withdrawal during the final three weeks of instruction is not permitted unless there are serious and extenuating circumstances beyond your control that prevent you from continuing in your classes and incompletes are not possible. 
April 20 - May 10, 2024 Nov. 21 - Dec. 11, 2024
Last day of classes May 10, 2024 Dec. 11, 2024
Final Exams May 13 - 18, 2024 Dec. 12 - 18, 2024
Last day of semester May 24, 2024 Dec. 24, 2024

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Important Update Regarding 2024-2025 FAFSA:
The 2024-2025 FAFSA and CADAA priority deadline has been extended to May 2, 2024. Students may experience slow site performance at due to high traffic. Learn more.

Event Spring 2024 Fall 2024
Financial Aid Applications Open
First day to submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or California Dream Act Application for financial aid for the following academic year.
Oct. 1, 2022
(File the '23 - 24 FAFSA or DREAM App.)
Dec. 31, 2023
(File the '24 - 25 FAFSA or DREAM App.)
Priority Application Deadline
Applications must be submitted by 10 p.m. If you submit your application after this day, you will not be eligible for CSULB or California state financial aid, but you may still be eligible for federal grants, loans, or other scholarships.
Aug. 31, 2023
(New Students for Spring Only)
May 2, 2024
(All Students)
Deadline to submit requested documents Dec. 31, 2023
(New Students for Spring Only)
June 12, 2024
(All Students)
Award notifications sent to new students Beginning October 2023 April 2024
Award notifications sent to continuing students June - July 2023 June - July 2024
Disbursement begins
Most financial aid funds are applied toward any outstanding charges, including any installment plans. The first possible date funds can be released is 10 days before the first day of classes each semester.
January 12, 2024 Aug. 16, 2024

BeachScholarships Application Periods:
CSULB is proud to offer several scholarships to help students cover the costs of their education. These funds come from a variety of university, federal, state, and private sources--but unlike loans, they do not have to be repaid. Opportunities are available for new and continuing students.  Learn more about scholarships.

  • Fall 2024 Applications: Apply between Jan. 22 - Mar. 12, 2024
  • Spring 2025 Applications: Apply between Aug. 26 - Oct. 6, 2024

Fee Payment Schedule
Event Spring 2024 Fall 2024
First Fee Payment Deadline (fall only)
Deadline for students who registered April 8 - June 30, 2024 to make a deposit, accept financial aid, or pay tuition in full. See Tuition and Fees: Payment Deadlines.
N/A July 17, 2024
Fee Payment Deadline
Fees are due 30 days after registration or by this deadline, whichever occurs first. Your payment due date is available on MyCSULB Student Center. If you register after this day, your fees will be due the next day. (A $10 late payment fee will be assessed on balances past due after this day.)
Jan. 10, 2024 Aug. 14, 2024
Refund Schedule
Event Spring 2024 Fall 2024
Deadline to drop and receive a full refund
Drop all classes by this day to receive a full refund. Starting the first day of classes, students who drop all their classes will owe prorated fees based on the date of withdrawal. See “Refunds” on the Tuition and Fees webpage for more information.
Jan. 21, 2024 Aug. 25, 2024
Deadline to drop and receive a refund for reduction in calculated charges
This is the same day as the last day to add, swap, or drop a class without approval. All changes must be completed in MyCSULB Student Center by 10 p.m. 

(Refer to Registration section for registration deadlines.)
Feb. 11, 2024 Sept. 9, 2024
Deadline to withdraw from all classes for prorated refund Mar. 28, 2024 Oct. 28, 2024

The deadline to apply to graduate depends on the term you plan to graduate. Applications begin the year before your expected graduation term and end during the fall or spring term preceding your graduation date. (For example, the application window for students graduating in Spring 2023 is March 2 - Oct. 15, 2022.)

Expected Graduation Term Application Deadline Application Window
Fall March 1 Oct. 16 - March 1
Winter March 1 Oct. 16 - March 1
Spring Oct. 15 March 2 - Oct. 15
Summer Oct. 15 March 2 - Oct. 15