Math Education Graduate Program

Please note:
Beginning in Fall 2024, the M.S. in Mathematics with option in Mathematics Education for Secondary School Teachers program will be renamed "M.S. in Mathematics for Educators." Catalog links below do not yet reflect this name change, but requirements and descriptions listed still provide an accurate overview of the program. 

The Master of Science in Mathematics for Educators is designed for people who are currently teaching or planning to teach secondary or community college mathematics. This option will give educators greater expertise in mathematics and mathematics education (curriculum, teaching, learning, assessment, and research). The program includes a blend of courses from mathematics education, pure and applied mathematics, statistics, data science, and elective coursework from the College of Education.

More information can be found in M.S. in Mathematics, Mathematics Education for Secondary School Teachers option - CSULB Catalog (23-24).

Degree Plan

Graduate students have the following options:

  • Thesis Option
  • Comprehensive Exams Option

Thesis Option

For the Thesis Option you must consult with the Mathematics Education Graduate Advisor to select a thesis advisor. A proposal is then written in consultation with the mathematics education faculty advisor who will guide you in choosing the thesis topic and supervise the writing process. After a thesis topic is chosen, it must be approved by the Mathematics Education Committee.

Comprehensive Exams Option

For the Comprehensive Exams Option you must pass a comprehensive written examination in two areas of mathematics education. See Comprehensive Exam Preparation for more information.