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Association of Professionals in Student Affairs (APSA)

CSULB Advisor: Shametrice Davis

Org Email:

APSA Website

College of Education Graduate Student Association (CEDGSA)

CSULB Advisor: Mary Anne Rose

Org Email:

CEDGSA Facebook page

College of Education Student Assembly (COESA)

CSULB Advisor: TBA

Org Email:

COESA Facebook page

Liberal Studies Student Association (LSSA)

CSULB Advisors: Hollie Schillig, Gabriel Rodriguez

Org Email:

LSSA Facebook page

School Counseling Student Association (SCSA)

Faculty Advisor: Caroline Lopez-Perry

Org Email:

SCSA Facebook Page

SCSA Website

School Psychology Student Association (SPSA)

Faculty Advisor: Kristi Hagans

Org Email:

SPSA Facebook Page

SPSA Website

Social and Cultural Analysis of Education Student Organization (SCAESO)

CSULB Advisor: Dr. Lindsay Pérez Huber

Org Email:

SCAESO Facebook Page

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