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Policies and Forms

College and University Policies and Forms

Below students will find information and links for some of the most commonly used college and university policies and forms. Many of these policies and forms emanate from Enrollment Services and/or other University Offices (not the College of Education). The University Catalog contains the most up-to-date university policy information.

CED Department and Advising Unit Policies and Forms

Cheating and Plagiarism Policy

The CSULB cheating and plagiarism policy provides general provisions about university regulations related to cheating or plagiarism. 

College of Education departments, programs, or units may have additional plagiarism or academic integrity policies that govern regulations related to cheating or plagiarism. 

Educational Leave Form

The Educational Leave (PDF) form is utilized by students who wish to take a leave from the university without losing their admitted status to CSULB.

Matriculated students in good standing must apply for educational leave if they will not be enrolling in courses during a Fall or Spring Semester to maintain their status at the university. 

Financial Aid Forms

An assortment of Financial Aid Forms can be found to assist students with academic finances and access to financial assistance.

If students have questions or inquiries regarding Financial Aid, they are recommended to visit the Financial Aid website and/or contact the Financial Aid Office.

Grade Appeals Policy and Form

The CSULB grade appeals policy governs the grade appeals process. 

The College of Education grade appeal form (PDF) shall be used if students would like to submit a formal grade appeal to a College of Education department. 

Miscellaneous Enrollment Services Forms

For a full listing of forms related to Admissions, Financial Aid, Registration, Records, and Progress Toward Degree and Graduation, please visit the Enrollment Services Forms website. 

Professional Student Conduct Expectations