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Community Service Officers


The Community Service Officer (CSO) program is a support function of the University Police, and a component of the department's Crime Prevention Program. CSOs are highly motivated CSULB student assistants who work for the University Police Department. They are primarily based out of the UPD Substation located on the second floor of the University Student Union, in the outdoor courtyard.

CSOs are identifiable by a blue polo shirt with "University Police" and "Community Service Officer" lettering with a photo ID badge and a portable radio which communicates directly with police dispatch.

CSOs are most commonly known for their role in the campus "Night Escort Program", providing safe transportation for our campus community, but they also serve in a wide range of other vital responsibilities.

CSOs provide the following services:

  • Bicycle Registration
  • Building Lock-ups
  • General Safety Patrols
  • LiveScan Fingerprinting
  • Night Escort Program
  • Special Event Support
  • Residence Hall Foot Patrols
  • UPD Community Outreach

Law enforcement ambitions are not a requirement for working in the CSO program. Our Community Service Officers come from a wide range of backgrounds and areas of study.

How can I become a Community Service Officer?

If you are interested in serving the campus community as a CSO, stop by the UPD Substation in USU Room 239 and fill out an interest card.