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Credential Programs

This page displays all College of Education and Affiliated Programs that offer preliminary or advanced credentials. View Explore Our Programs for a full overview of all programs the College of Education offers, including bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and doctoral degrees.


Teacher Credentials

For advising on the following preliminary Education Specialist, Multiple Subject and Single Subject credential programs, please contact the Teacher Preparation Advising Center.

Preliminary Multiple Subject Teaching Credential

Become an elementary school teacher

Preliminary Single Subject Teaching Credential

Become a middle or high-school teacher

Urban Dual Credential Program

Earn a Preliminary Education Specialist Instruction Credential and a Preliminary Multiple Subject Teaching Credential

Credential Authorizations

Adapted Physical Education Added Authorization

Administration and implementation of physical activity programs for persons with disabilities in K-12 schools.

Added Authorization in Special Education - Autism Spectrum Disorders

Effective 4/1/2020, this program is inactive and not accepting students at this time. Authorization to provide special education services within the specific subject area and is limited to the grade and age levels authorized by the holder's prerequisite credential.

Bilingual Authorization

Authorization to teach in Dual Language classrooms

MSCP and SSCP Added Authorizations

The Credential Center has information regarding Supplementary Authorizations, Subject Matter Authorization, and adding a Multiple, Single, or Additional Content Area.

Reading and Literacy Added Authorization

Authorization to assess student reading and provide reading instruction in response to those assessments

Special Class Authorization - Digital Literacy

Authorization to provide departmentalized instruction in information literacy, digital literacy, and digital citizenship

Advanced Credentials

Preliminary Administrative Services Credential

Become a school principal or other school administrator

Pupil Personnel Services Credential - School Counseling

Learn to use data-driven interventions to promote academic, career, and personal/social development in urban elementary, middle and high school students.

Pupil Personnel Services Credential - School Psychology

Become highly trained in education and psychology to help children and youth succeed academically, socially, behaviorally, and emotionally.

Pupil Personnel Services Credential - School Social Work and Child Welfare and Attendance

Become highly trained to provide appropriate prevention and intervention strategies to remove barriers to learning.

Speech-Language Pathology Services Credential

Authorization to conduct Language, Speech, and Hearing assessments and provide specific learning disability area services related to speech and language, and special education services to individuals with language and speech impairments across the special education disability areas, to students from birth through age 22.

Teacher Librarian Services Credential

Become a credentialed library professional (program includes Special Class Authorization in Digital Literacy)