Important Milestones

Admitted students to a College of Education master’s program follow these milestones to earn a master degree:


  • After you are admitted and you have submitted all the required documents to the office of Enrollment Services, you will be matriculated into the university.
  • You must enroll in at least one unit in the semester to which you are admitted. Graduate students typically take at least six units each semester; however, it varies by program and some require more or allow for fewer units.
  • Faculty advisors will provide guidance on the courses you should register for each semester. For programs with sequenced courses, it is important to take courses in the advised sequence. Most courses are only offered once per semester; you will therefore need to be available to take courses at the day, time, and semester they are offered.
  • The Degree Planner helps you map your entire academic path to graduation. This online tool can be accessed through MyCSULB via Single Sign-on.
  • You may register for courses through MyCSULB. The Schedule of Classes lists course offerings by term. Course descriptions can be found in the University Catalog. Learn more about your MyCSULB account and how to navigate the system.
  • Enroll in at least one unit each fall and spring semester to maintain continuous enrollment at CSULB. If needed, file a request for an Educational Leave by the published deadline. Please note that you must discuss the request with your faculty advisor and obtain their signature on the form. If you do not maintain continuous enrollment each fall and spring term, you will need to reapply to the university and program.


  • Maintain 3.00 GPA in all required program and other post-baccalaureate courses (whether or not they count for the degree).
  • Follow the academic plan that your faculty advisor gives you to ensure that you complete the program on time.
  • Complete prerequisite coursework, if applicable to your program.
  • Advancement to Candidacy signifies approval of your plan of study by your academic department and college. The phrase refers to a worksheet and a process by the same name – you will submit the “Advancement to Candidacy worksheet” in order to be advanced to candidacy. You will typically submit the worksheet once they have completed at least 6 units of required program courses, as well as any additional requirements set forth by the program. Read more about Advancement to Candidacy here.
  • After Advancement to Candidacy, review your Academic Requirements Report in MyCSULB to ensure your degree requirements are recorded correctly.
  • In addition to degree requirements, please note there are also University Regulations Governing the Master’s Degree.
  • If your program requires practicum and/or fieldwork, apply by the stated deadline.
  • Apply for your culminating experience by the deadline. Check to see what options your program has available (Thesis, Project and/or Comprehensive Exam) and file an application by the stated deadline. Applications will be reviewed and approved.  

  • Successfully complete your culminating experience.
  • File a “Apply to Graduate” by the stated deadline with CSULB Enrollment Services so that their office knows to review all of your degree requirements to ensure that your degree can be conferred. If this is not filed with Enrollment Services, then t
  • Please note that walking in the commencement ceremony does not mean that your degree is conferred.  Degree conferral takes place only after Enrollment Services determines that you have met all the requirements. Your degree can be conferred in winter, spring, summer or fall term; however, the commencement ceremony is only held in May each year.