Graduate Certificate in Applied Disability Studies

Program Overview

The interdisciplinary Graduate Certificate in Applied Disability Studies is designed to prepare graduate students from a variety of disciplines to further their understanding of the experience of disability across the lifespan. Students will become familiar with research, advocacy, interventions, and policy that facilitate successful life outcomes for persons with disabilities.

The focus is placed on the application of the field of disability studies to enhance the preparation of graduate students to work in their chosen professional disciplines (e.g., education, healthcare, social work, counseling, gerontology, engineering, web design, psychology, technology, etc.). Through coursework and fieldwork from across Departments and Colleges in the University, students will learn to adopt a person-centered approach in their work with persons with disabilities.

If you have questions, please contact the College of Education Graduate Studies Office at or at 562/985-8476. 

The Graduate Certificate Program in Applied Disability Studies at CSULB has the following goals. The program will:

  1. Introduce the candidate to concepts, approaches, strategies, and experience of disability across the lifespan

  2. Promote a person-centered approach to facilitating life outcomes for individuals with disabilities

  3. Familiarize the candidate with legal, ethical, civil rights, self-determination, technology, and advocacy issues associated with disability