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Education Specialist Credential Program (ESCP)

Education Specialist Credential Program (ESCP)

The Teacher Preparation Advising Center is available to assist current and prospective students via email, phone, Zoom, and in person (for current CSULB students ONLY). See below for our current advising hours:

Week of September 13th-September 17th

  Phone Advising Hours Current Students: In Person Drop-Ins Online Zoom Drop-Ins
Monday 9/13 9am-12pm   1-4pm
Tuesday 9/14   9am-12pm 1-4pm
Wednesday 9/15 1-4pm   9am-12pm
Thursday 9/16   1-4pm 9am-12pm
Friday 9/17 1-4pm   9am-12pm

Week of September 20th-September 24th

  Phone Advising Hours Current Students: In Person Drop-Ins Online Zoom Drop-Ins

Monday 9/20

1-4pm   9am-12pm
Tuesday 9/21   1-4pm 9am-12pm
Wednesday 9/22  9am-12pm   1-4pm
Thursday 9/23   9am-12pm 1-4pm
Friday 9/24 1-4pm   9:30am-12pm

For Online Zoom Advising:

For Phone Advising:

Call 562-985-1105

For Current Students- In-Person Drop-Ins:

In-person drop-in are available for current CSULB students ONLY. Stop by EED-67 durring our drop-in hours to sign in to speak with a Credential Advisor and/or Liberal Studies Advisor. You will be asked to show your green check mark from your COVID pre-screening. In addition, mask must be worn at ALL time in the building.


Program Overview

The Preliminary Education Specialist Credential Program (ESCP) at CSULB prepares candidates to teach individuals in the areas of Mild/Moderate and Moderate/Severe disabilities. Completion of the program lead to issuance of the Preliminary Education Specialist Instruction Credential from the Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

Other special education programs in the CSULB College of Education

Program Goals and Features

ESCP assists candidates in becoming:

  1. Effective and caring teachers;
  2. Partners with parents & others in the development of high quality educational programs;
  3. Life-long learners engaged in program development reflective of best practices in special education.

The program themes emphasize current issues of importance to the field of special education. These themes are addressed across our curriculum and are as follows:

  • Individualized Education
  • Collaboration
  • Cultural Responsiveness
  • Evidence-Based Practices
  • Advocacy and Leadership

Program Options & Pathways

The CSULB Education Specialist Credential Program offers the following pathways leading to the California Preliminary Mild/Moderate and/or Moderate/Severe Education Specialist Credential:

Post-Bac Traditional Pathway

Students entering the Post-Bac Traditional Pathway have either received a Bachelor's Degree or will graduate prior to the end of their Credential Program (including CSULB Liberal Studies BA only majors).

ESCP Post-Bac Intern Pathway

The ESCP Post-Bac Intern Pathway is for students that already hold a bachelors degree that have been admitted to the credential program at CSULB, met all intern eligibility requirements (including faculty approval) and have been offered a full-time position as teacher of record in a school or district which has an Intern Agreement with CSULB.

Undergraduate Liberal Studies Pathway (ITEP Program)

Students in the Undergraduate Liberal Studies Pathway are Juniors or Seniors who have declared the Liberal Studies ITEP major at CSULB.

For additional information related to professional licensure and certification related to this program, please see the Credential Center.