Assessment & Accreditation Office

The Assessment & Accreditation Office (AAO) supports all administrators, offices, and programs in the College of Education (CED) by providing insightful data and analysis to inform big-picture decisions. We offer a variety of services to facilitate the collection and use of data for continuous improvement. These include:

  • The collection, management, analysis, and reporting of Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)-related data and online survey data
  • Preparing CTC Annual Data Submission and federal Title II reports on behalf of the college.
  • Supporting data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement across the college
  • Engaging in data democratization efforts (i.e., making data more accessible)
  • Supporting programs through accreditation and continuous program improvement
  • Data collection, entry, analysis, and reporting of emerging trends
  • Assessing the experiences of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community partners.
  • Cultivating a culture of assessment that centers equity through the collection of Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)-related data

The AAO developed and implemented a new strategic plan that is informed by the CED's vision and values and guided by input from college leadership, program coordinators, the 2023 CTC Accreditation Site Visit, and the Faculty Assessment Committee. The result is a strategic plan that establishes the AAO as a trusted and collaborative resource that engages in data democratization efforts (i.e., makes data more accessible); cultivates a culture of assessment that centers equity; and supports data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement across the college. Following a thorough review process, the CED AAO Strategic Plan (2023-2026) was implemented in the Fall of 2023 and will guide the AAO’s initiatives over the next three years. Click here to review our strategic plan.

In addition, we recognize that data can have multiple uses. Therefore, we offer faculty members the opportunity to access existing program data for research purposes. We also support, time permitting, the collection of new data for research.

Please contact us with any questions or to arrange a consultation.