Community Clinic for Counseling and Educational Services


The Community Clinic for Counseling and Educational Services (formerly Educational Psychology Clinic) has been the setting for affordable counseling, academic intervention, and psychoeducational assessment services for over 50 years. The Community Clinic serves two primary functions for the community:

  1. It provides comprehensive educational and psychological services for members of the community at a low cost.
  2. It is a training site for the School Psychology, Marriage and Counseling Psychology master’s degree programs at CSU Long Beach.


  • For Adults: individual counseling
  • For Children (ages 6-18): youth counseling,intensive academic interventions for reading/writing & math, psychoeducational assessments, and developmental assessments (ages 3-5), and transition planning for youth and adults with disabilities (ages 16-22).

*Services in Spanish are limited. Please contact the office for more information.

Community Clinic application procedures

The first step for receiving our services is to submit an online application.  Please visit our Application Procedure page for detailed  information. Services at the Community Clinic are provided by advanced graduate students under the direct supervision of faculty in the College of Education. Referrals are made to outside sources when necessary. We look forward to serving you and your family!