Educational Leave

If you need to take a temporary leave of absence from CSULB—meaning you will not take any classes during a fall or spring semester—you need to officially apply for a leave of absence (either an Educational Leave or a Military Leave). For details about each type of leave as well as eligibility requirements and how to apply, use the menu to the right or scroll below.

Continuous Enrollment Requirement:

Once admitted to CSULB, all students must complete at least one class and earn unit(s) every consecutive fall and spring semester unless approved to take a leave of absence. This is called continuous enrollment. If you do not maintain continuous enrollment before your graduation date, you may be discontinued from CSULB and be unable to register when you are ready to return. Discontinued students will need to reapply to the university and follow the degree requirements of their new year of admittance instead of their original requirements.

For policy details, please refer to CSULB Policy Statement 21-12 and the California Code of Regulations (“Election of Regulations”).

Eligibility and Duration

Students may take an educational leave for personal, educational, financial, medical, or other reasons. If you need to take an educational leave, you will need to explain your reason(s) for the leave. You are eligible to apply for an educational leave if you:

  • Completed at least one semester of coursework at CSULB (fall or spring)
  • Previously earned units at CSULB
  • Have not applied to graduate in the semester of your requested leave
  • Are not enrolled in classes at CSULB (or another CSU) in the semester of your requested leave
  • Have not been academically disqualified or had a previous break in enrollment

You may request to take an educational leave for one or two semesters. If needed and if you remain eligible, while on leave, you may request to extend your leave. Under no circumstances will the total number of approved educational leaves exceed two, nor will the duration of approved educational leaves extend beyond two calendar years.