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Educational Leave

Students are required to maintain continuous enrollment at CSULB. To maintain continuous enrollment, the student must attend and complete at least one class every fall and spring semester after they are admitted unless the student has applied for an Educational Leave.

If a student must take an educational leave, they must complete an Application for Educational Leave, in advance, including an explanation of their reasons for seeking the leave and a statement of when they intend to resume academic work. The Application for Educational Leave is available on the Enrollment Services Forms webpage under “Registration/Records Forms.”

An educational leave presupposes no expenditure of University resources or faculty and staff time on the behalf of the student during the period of the leave. In addition, no computer facilities, no library privileges, and no student services are available to a student on educational leave.

For additional details about CSULB's educational leave policy, see Policy Statement 84-06.



The minimum initial leave will be one full semester; the maximum will be one calendar year. A student may submit, in advance, a new Application for Educational Leave form for an extension of leave. Under no circumstances will the total number of approved educational leaves exceed two, nor will the duration of approved educational leaves extend beyond two calendar years. Students are eligible to apply for an educational leave if they:

  • Are admitted/matriculated at CSULB
  • Are in good academic standing with the University
  • Have completed at least one semester (fall or spring) and have earned units at CSULB as an admitted student and not had a break in enrollment
  • Have not filed to graduate in the semester of requested educational leave

Why Take an Educational Leave?

Any student who does not attend a fall or spring semester and does not obtain an approved educational leave will not be able to register for the next semester. The student will have to reapply to CSULB and will be subject to the requirements of the CSULB Catalog dated the year they reapply.

While on educational leave, you may not attend another CSU campus. CSULB students who want to attend classes at another CSU institution must meet the eligibility criteria and submit the Concurrent and Visitor Enrollment Form to the Office of Enrollment Services.

How to Request an Educational Leave 

  1. If you are applying before the third week of classes:
    • Drop all classes for the semester requested using MyCSULB Student Center. Dropped courses will not appear on your academic record.
    • Complete the Application for Educational Leave. Your application will automatically be routed to the required offices for approval.
  2. Beginning the third week of classes:
    • Submit a request to withdraw from your classes.
    • If you receive approval to withdraw from your classes, you will receive W grades and you do not need to complete an educational leave for that term.
    • Only submit an Application for Educational Leave if you are applying for a leave for a current or future term for which you have not received any grades.
  3. If you are an international degree-seeking student, contact the Center for International Education before you complete the application.
  4. Completed applications for educational leave must be submitted to the Office of Enrollment Services by the last day of the semester preceding the leave. See Key Dates and Deadlines for semester end dates:
    • If you are requesting to take an educational leave during the fall semester, your application must be submitted by the last day of the spring semester.
    • If you are requesting to take an educational leave during the spring semester, your application must be submitted by the last day of the fall semester.
    • Students who wish to be considered for an appeal to CSULB's educational leave policy in order to submit an application after the deadline must pay a $10 missed deadline fee. Late applications will be considered only until the last day of the semester during which the educational leave is taken.

​If a student is subsequently placed on academic disqualification, the University will revoke the approved educational leave. For more information, refer to the CSULB Catalog.

Educational Leave Workshops

Need some time away from CSULB?

If you are considering requesting an educational leave, please be sure to attend an Educational Leave Workshop. This workshop will help you understand the requirements and benefits of a leave.