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Multiple Subject Credential Program Student Teaching

Multiple Subject Credential Program Student Teaching

Spring 2020 MSCP Student Teaching Applications are due Friday November 1, 2019


Student Teaching is the culminating field experience in the Multiple Subject Credential Program.  It is completed during the final semester(s) of the program where MSCP candidates apply and integrate the pedagogy they have learned in their other course work to actual classroom experience.  In the traditional MSCP Post Bac pathway, the student teaching semester consists of two 8-week, 8-unit assignments full-time (five-days a week) under the guidance of a Master Teacher and a University Spervisor, for a total of approximately 16 weeks.  One assignment is in the classroom of a primary grade (K-2) Master Teacher and the other in a classroom of an upper grade (3-6) Master Teacher.  At least one of the placements must be in a classroom in which the students are from a diverse cultural, linguistic, racial, ethnic, or socio-economic background, different from that of the Student Teacher.

Student Teaching in the ITEP Liberal Studies program is done during the final year of the program. Traditionally, student teaching in the ITEP program consists of four half days (30 minutes before students arrive until lunch time) and one full day a week for two semesters with a partner. ITEP students begin and end their assignments in the same classroom to be a part of each phase of the school year. During the two semester rotation at a school site, each student will have experiences at an alternate grade level and also have solo teaching time. The length of these alternative experiences will vary and may be at another school site. ITEP student teachers are typically taking the pedagogy/methods courses on campus at CSULB while student teaching concurrently. ITEP student teachers may also choose to student teach in one semester rather than across two semesters if all of their coursework including the methods courses has been completed.  See your Liberal Studies advisor for more information on student teaching in one semester.  If an ITEP student is approved to student teach in one semester, student teaching will consist of 5 full days in the classroom for the full 16 weeks.  One semester student teachers will not have a partner and will have two 8-week assignments, one in a lower elementary classroom (K-2) and one in an upper elementary classroom (3-6). 

Student teachers also have the support of a University Supervisor who observes and conferences with the student on a regular basis, and attend a weekly seminar held by the University Supervisor at a time and place to be determined. 

See the Student Teacher Handbook for more details regarding the student teaching semester.


All student teaching placements are made by the Office of Clinical Practice.

Candidates that are pursuing the BILA Authorization that have met all of the requirements, will have one of their placements (8-weeks) in a dual language classroom.

Requirements to Advance to Student Teaching

  • Be admitted to CSULB as a matriculated student.
  • Complete all credential courses: Prerequisites, Co-requisites, Pedagogy Courses and Liberal Studies Core Courses for ITEP students. Courses may be in progress at the time the application is submitted. 
  • If pursuing the BILA Authorization, all BILA requirements must be met at the time of student teaching application. All candidates must submit passing CSET Subtest III scores with their student teaching application. If taking courses in place of CSET subtest IV and V, candidates must show proof of enrollment in the courses with their student teaching application. Courses must be completed prior to beginning student teaching. Candidates that are using the CSET exam to meet the BILA requirements must submit passing scores for all subtests (III, IV and V) with their student teaching application. 
  • Maintain 3.0 GPA in pedagogy/methods courses with no grade lower than "C" in any program course.
  • Provide fingerprint clearance (Certificate of Clearance or valid 30 Day Sub Permit) Print from: CTC Look Up
  • Valid TB clearance (Tests are valid for 4 years and must be valid through the end of the student teaching semester). If you don't have a current TB test, make an appointment with Student Health Services asap.
  • Pass all parts of CSET and submit copies of your official scores or have completed a CTC approved Subject Matter Preparation Program. (ITEP students must request a subject matter evaluation from the Liberal Studeis department prior to applying for student teaching.)
  • Complete the Basic Skills Requirement and submit copies of your official scores
  • Submit a COMPLETE application packets to the Teacher Preparation Advising Center (TPAC) by the deadline. Incomplete applications will not be accepted! Late applications will not be accepted.


Application Instructions

Only complete applications will be accepted.

Steps 1, 2 & 3 must all be completed by Friday November 1, 2019

For a printer friendly checklist, click here

Please follow these three steps carefully:

Step 1: Complete Necessary Forms and Gather Required Documents



  • Original Proof of Basic Skills Requirement
  • 1 copy of Proof of Basic Skills (CBEST scores, ACT score, etc.)
  • 2 copies of passing CSET Multiple Subject Scores or Verification of Completion of a CTC approved Subject Matter Preparation Program (ITEP students must request a subject matter evaluations prior to submitting the student teaching application.)
  • 2 copies of passing CSET BILA scores and proof of enrollment in BILA courses, if applicable (BILA candidates only)
  • 2 copies of CTC website printout of Certificate of Clearance or 30 Day Sub Permit 
  • 1 copy of Valid TB Test 
  • 1 copy of CSULB unofficial transcripts from MyCSULB with the following courses highlighted:
    Post Bac: EDEL 380, EDSP 303, EDEL 413, EDEL 431, EDEL 442, EDEL 452, EDEL 462, EDEL 472, SCED 475
    ITEP: EDEL 100, EDEL 200, ED P 301, EDSP 355A, H SC 411A, KIN 476, EDEL 300, EDEL 442, EDEL 452, EDEL 462, EDEL 472, SCED 475
    Highlight them even if they are in progress 
  • $25 cash, check or money order payable to “CSU, Long Beach”.

Step 2: Submit ALL of the following items to the Teacher Preparation Advising Center (EED-67):

Step 3: Submit ALL of the following items to the Credential Center (EED-42):

  • Credential Center Evaluation Request form (PDF)
  • Receipt from TPAC (You will receive this receipt after completing Step 2 above)
  • $25 cash, check or money order payable to “CSU, Long Beach”.
  • Website printout of valid Certificate of Clearance or valid Emergency Permit showing issuance/expiration dates and document number.
    Note: Certificate of Clearance must be valid through the completion of student teaching.
  • Basic Skills Requirement – Original proof of satisfying Basic Skills (CBEST scores or proof of CTC approved alternative)
  • Copy of official passing CSET (101,102,103) scores or Official Verification of Completion of a CTC approved Subject Matter Preparation Program 
  • Copy of official passing CSET BILA subtest III scores and either proof of completion or enrollment of BILA coursework or passing CSET BILA subtest IV and V scores. (BILA candidates ONLY)
  • Copy of official passing RICA scores, if passed - needed prior to being recommended for your credential.
  • Bilingual Authorization students – Copy of official passing CSET scores, if applicable.

Note: We cannot make copies for you. A copy machine is available in the Library. CSULB financial holds must be cleared prior to submitting your application. You can check your status online at MyCSULB.

Steps 1, 2 & 3 Must Be Completed No Later Than Friday November 1, 2019 at 5:00pm to be Eligible for Spring 2020 Student Teaching!