Internship Pathway

This pathway is not available for candidates in the Liberal Studies ITEP program.

Intern Pathway Overview

The Multiple Subject Credential Program Internship Pathway is available for candidates that are admitted to the Multiple Subject Credential Program, have completed the requirements to be eligible for an internship that are listed below and have been offered full time employment in a public school district in which CSULB has an approved Internship Agreement on file. 

The Multiple Subject Credential Program Internship Pathway consist of the same 40 units as the Traditional MSCP Pathway. Once candidates complete the pre-requisites courses listed below, they may complete the remaining required program courses and student teaching while on an internship, if approved. This pathways allows candidates to work as a full time, teacher of record while completing their credential program. Internship candidates are required to enroll in an Internship Support Course (EDEL 497) each semester they are employed on an internship credential that they are NOT student teaching.

Internships are in public school districts and charter schools. Internships cannot be done in private schools.