Internship Pathway

This pathway is not available for candidates in the Liberal Studies ITEP program.

Intern Pathway Overview

The Multiple Subject Credential Program Internship Pathway is available for candidates that are admitted to the Multiple Subject Credential Program, have completed the requirements to be eligible for an internship that are listed below and have been offered full time employment in a public school district in which CSULB has an approved Internship Agreement on file. 

The Multiple Subject Credential Program Internship Pathway consist of the same 40 units as the Traditional MSCP Pathway. Once candidates complete the pre-requisites courses listed below, they may complete the remaining required program courses and student teaching while on an internship, if approved. This pathways allows candidates to work as a full time, teacher of record while completing their credential program. Internship candidates are required to enroll in an Internship Support Course (EDEL 497) each semester they are employed on an internship credential that they are NOT student teaching.

Internships are in public school districts and charter schools. Internships cannot be done in private schools.

Pre-requisites (12 units)

Note: These two courses must be completed or in progress at the time of application to the credential program.

  • EDEL 380 - Teaching and Learning in a Democratic Society (3 units) (Requires 45 hours of Fieldwork while enrolled in this course.)
  • EDSP 303 - Preparing to Teach Special Populations in the General Education Classroom (1 unit)

       You must earn a B or better grade in EDEL 380 and EDSP 303 to be admitted to the MSCP.

  • EDEL 413 - Developmentally Appropriate Teaching Practices (2 units)
  • EDEL 431 - Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in Schools (3 units)
  • EDEL 442 - Teaching and Learning Language Arts, K-8 (3 units) *Intern candidates should see the Teacher Preparation Advising Center for permission to enroll in this course for Intern Eligibility prior to being admitted to the Internship Pathway. Candidates must have a serious internship prospect to be permitted to enroll in this course prior to program admission.

Subject Specific Pedagogy/Methods Courses (12 units)

You must be officially admitted to the Multiple Subject Credential Program in order to take the following pedagogy courses. Candidates will be asked to present their "MSCP Admit Card" on the first day of class. 

  • EDEL 452 - Teaching and Learning Reading, K-8 (3 units)
  • EDEL 462 - Teaching and Learning Mathematics, K-8 (3 units)
  • EDEL 472 - Teaching and Learning History-Social Science, K-8  (3 units)
  • SCED 475 - Teaching and Learning Science, K-8 (3 units)

Student Teaching (16 units)

Students must obtain a Student Teaching Application from the website and apply to student teach at the beginning of the semester prior to take the course listed below (please see the Student Teaching section of the MSCP Handbook for more information). 

  • EDEL 572A - Intern Student Teaching in Diverse Classrooms (8 units) 
  • EDEL 572B - Intern Student Teaching in Diverse Classrooms (8 units) 

Course Sequence

The MSCP is a self-paced program. Candidates may attend either part time or full time. Below is a recommended MSCP course sequence:

Semester 1: EDEL 380, EDSP 303, EDEL 413, EDEL 431, EDEL 442 (12 units)

*Candidates are intern eligible after completion of semester 1 coursework and admission to the program.

Semester 2:  EDEL 452, SCED 475 and EDEL 497 (7 units)

Semester 3:  EDEL 462, EDEL 472 and EDEL 497 (7 units)

Semester 4: EDEL 572A and EDEL 572B Intern Student Teaching (16 units)

For assistance with planning your program, contact the Teacher Preparation Advising Center. 

To be eligible for an internship, MSCP Candidates must have met ALL of the following requirement:

  • Be admitted to the Multiple Subject Credential Program
  • Be a matriculated CSULB Student (Interns must be matriculated and enrolled in a course each semester they are an active MSCP Intern. Interns cannot take an Educational Leave of Absence.)
  • Hold a Bachelor's Degree from a regionally accreditated institution in the US or equivalent.
  • Have completed the Subject Matter Competency Requirement
  • Have completed the Basic Skills Requirement
  • Have completed the US Constitution Requirement
  • Have completed the following pre-requisite courses: EDEL 380, EDSP 303, EDEL 413, EDEL 431, EDEL 442
  • Candidates in the BILA pathway must demonstrate language competency through passage of the BILA CSET subtest III prior to internship eligibility.

Once candidates have completed all of the above requirements, they are eligible for an internship and can request an Internship Eligibility Letter from the Credential Center to provide school districts when applying for teaching positions.

The steps listed below must be completed in order to be approved for the MSCP Internship Pathway:

Step 1

  • Obtain a full time teaching position
  • Check to ensure that there is an Internship Agreement in place between CSULB and the District.
  • Secure an Offer of Employment from the district on official letterhead that states the district and school you will be teaching at, your start date, and your assignment (grade level).
  • Email the Program Coordinator, Dr. Lisa Isbell (, with all the information regarding your position to get approval that your position will allow you to meet all program requirements. 
  • Internships cannot be approved beyond census (week 4) for each semester due to the candidate being required to enroll in the Intern Support course. Candidates that receive an internship offer after census, will not be approved until the beginning of the following semester. 

Step 2

  • Once approval for your position is receive from Dr. Isbell, email Jessica Olague ( to make an appointment to review the Internship Eligibility requirements and the Internship Application process. 

Step 3

  • Submit your completed Internship Application Packet to the Teacher Preparation Advising Center via DocuSign for final approval. Once your application is approved it will be passed onto the Credential Center.
  • Once the Credential Center has received all of the required documents and approvals and there is an Approved Internship Agreement in place between CSULB and the district, you will be recommended to the Commission on Teacher Credentialing for your Internship Credential.  You will then receive an email from the CTC stating that you have been recommended for a document and you will then need to go to the link in the email and apply on the CTC website for your Internship Credential. 
  • Please keep in mind that the Internship Credential is valid for 2 years.  All program requirements including passage of the CalTPAs and RICA must be completed to be recommended for your Preliminary Teaching Credential. 
  • To remain an active intern you must be enrolled in a minimum of one credential course each semester through the completion of your program.  Interns are not permitted to take an Education Lave of Absence.  All program requirements including passage of the CalTPA and passage of the RICA must be completed by July 31st following your Student Teaching semester.  If you have not completed all requirements to be recommended for your Preliminary Credential by that time, you will be required to enroll in EDEL 497 to maintain your internship credential.
  • Please keep in mind that the program application is seperate from admission to the university.  Post-Bac students should apply to the university online at by the appropriate deadline in addition to applying for the credential program. Most candidates will apply to the university first to take the pre-requisite courses and then apply to the program while enrolled in the pre-requisite courses.  A small number of candidates that may have already completed the pre-requisite courses will need to apply to both the program and the university at the same time.  University admission does not constitute program admission.

The Early Completion Intern Option (ECO) is intended to provide individuals who have requisite skills and knowledge an opportunity to challenge the course work portion of a Multiple or Single Subject Intern Program and demonstrate pedagogical skills through a performance assessment while in a Commission-approved intern program.

To be eligible for the Early Completion Intern Option candidates must:

  1. Be admitted to the Multiple Subject Credential Program and the Internship Pathway (See above)
  2. Passage of the National evaluation series (NES) Assessment of Professional Knowledge (APK): Elementary (Test code 051)
  3. Pass the Reading Instruction Competency Assessment (RICA)

If you have met the above requirements, schedule an appointment to meet with the program Internship Advisor.

Once admitted to the ECO pathway, interns must successfully pass the Teacher Performance Assessment (TPA) on the first attempt. Candidates that do not pass the TPA on the first attempt must complete the full program.