UTEACH Pathway


Applications for the UTEACH Cohort are DUE June 1.

UTEACH Pathway Overview

The UTEACH (Urban Teaching Academy) pathway is a unique opportunity for students to combine pedagogy and practice in a personalized credential program designed to fully prepare future teachers in a hands-on supportive school setting.  Program features include the following:

  • UTEACH is a yearlong school/university residency program. 
  • UTEACH teaching methods courses are held at school sites working with children in real classroom settings.
  • UTEACH offers personalized attention from University faculty and school based personnel.
  • UTEACH course work and student teaching are pre-arranged, and linked to real teaching in a real classroom, and your space is reserved in every course.
  • UTEACH faculty support, instruct and advise you on site in a school based, personalized setting.  No campus parking problems.
  • UTEACH future teachers are taught to teach by teaching children in a guided clinical classroom setting.

For more information on the UTEACH pathway, contact TPAC at ced-tpac@csulb.edu or come to one of our Meet & Greet Information Sessions.

UTEACH Meet & Greet

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