Multiple Subject Credential Program ITEP Undergraduate Information

The ITEP MSCP Pathway is only available to candidates in the Liberal Studies Bachelors Degree program at CSULB. If you are a CSULB Track I Liberal Studies student, have a CSULB major other than Liberal Studies, or currently hold a bachelors degree, click on "MSCP Traditional Pathway" in the navigation menu on the left for more information.

ITEP MSCP Pathway Overview

The Integrated Teacher Education Program (ITEP) combines the study of academic subjects aligned to California standards for the K-8 curriculum with professional preparation courses and field experiences leading to a Multiple Subject Credential.  Students entering this program are Freshmen or Junior transfer students who have declared the Liberal Studies major at CSULB.

This is a "blended" program that combines a Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Studies and a Multiple Subject Credential.  For more information on this program, please contact the Teacher Preparation Advising Center at 562-985-1105 or visit the Liberal Studies website.

Candidates enter the MSCP ITEP Program typically once they reach 60-90 units and have completed EDEL 200 in the Liberal Studies ITEP program.  The MSCP ITEP program is comprised of a total of 34 units in addition to the Liberal Studies core courses. 

ITEP MSCP Candidates have the opportunity to complete the ITEP MSCP Spanish BILA or ITEP MSCP Asian BILA in Korean, Mandarin or Vietnamese. Both of these options add an additional 6 units and an additional CSET exam to the program requirements.