Academic Planning Documents

Documents to Use for Planning in the Liberal Studies Major

This a list of documents commonly used in advising sessions and/or used by students as needed within the Department for tracking academic planning. Students are encouraged and advised to use their Academic Requirements Report (under 'Student Center' in Single-Sign-On) for official degree progress tracking and planning, but are welcome to use any of these documents below for additional support or references.

The Liberal Studies Program Requirements Handout is a full list (or checklist) that includes all required coursework for the Liberal Studies undergraduate program at CSULB. The Core Requirements (part A) consists of 101-104 units, and then by senior year breaks into multiple pathways (part B) for graduation completion, with all required courses listed. This worksheet is used frequently in advising appointments and is reflective of a student's Academic Requirements Report.

The Liberal Studies Concentrations Handout (PDF) PDF icon is a guide for students to use in planning for the concentration requirement as part of the BA pathway of the Liberal Studies program (not for ITEP pathway graduates). For more specific listings of recommended courses for each of the concentrations, refer to the Liberal Studies Concentrations page.

The Liberal Studies Community College Transfer Guide (PDF) PDF icon is a listing of all accepted course equivalencies from our nearby Community College partners. CSULB has pre-arranged agreements for equivalencies and approved substitutions with local Community Colleges, and this document serves as a helpful guide when understanding how coursework will transfer over. If you attend(ed) a Community College not listed on this document, it is recommended to follow to find appropriately equivalent coursework. 

The Liberal Studies Pathways Comparison Guide (PDF) PDF icon offers a basic outline of differences and similarities between the two primary pathway options for the Liberal Studies program. Ultimately coursework generally remains the same throughout the BA Core Requirements, but by Senior Year students should determine their pathway to graduation and these requirements will differ depending on end goals. 

These are example outlines or plans, and will adjust according to a student's preferences and scheduling needs, as well as course availability. We recommend students to utilize these roadmaps alongside their Academic Requirements Report (in the Student Center via MyCSULB) and academic advising. See below for roadmaps.  

BA Pathway

The Liberal Studies BA Roadmap (PDF) illustrates a four-year plan for students pursuing the Bachelor of Arts Degree in Liberal Studies. 

ITEP Multiple Subject Credential (MSCP) Pathways

The Liberal Studies ITEP MSCP Roadmap (PDF) illustrates a four-year plan for students pursuing the ITEP MSCP Traditional (Self-Paced) pathway including the Bachelor's Degree and integrated Multiple Subject Credential Program.  

ITEP Multiple Subject Credential (MSCP) BILA Pathways

The Liberal Studies ITEP MSCP Spanish BILA Roadmap (PDF) illustrates a four-year plan for students pursuing the ITEP MSCP Spanish BILA pathway including the Bachelor's Degree and integrated Multiple Subject Credential Program, with a Spanish Bilingual Authorization. 

ITEP Urban Dual Credential Program (UDCP) Pathway

The Liberal Studies ITEP UDCP Roadmap (PDF) illustrates a five-year plan for the ITEP Urban Dual Credential Program Pathway (Cohort), including the Bachelor's Degree and integrated Multiple Subject and Education Specialist Credential Programs, specifically during the final four semesters.

ITEP Special Education (ESCP) Pathway

The Liberal Studies ESCP program will combine the Bachelor's degree and a Special Education Credential (ESCP) into a 4-year program. The Liberal Studies ITEP ESCP Roadmap illustrates a four-year plan for students that combines the Bachelor's degree and Education Specialist Credential. This new pathway will allow students to graduate within 120 units, instead of 135, and students will be able to graduate in four years! 

Speak to an academic advisor to plan for this pathway.

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