Within the Liberal Studies program, students have the opportunity to gain experience in the classroom embedded within several courses of the required curriculum.  Courses that have fieldwork hours embedded in the curriculum are considered to have "clinical practice" hour requirements, to help prepare students for both curriculum and experiences in the classroom. 

CED Update Regarding COVID-19

Throughout the pandemic in 2020 and 2021, the College of Education determined that fieldwork for all Clinical I, II and SERVE initial credential program courses would be conducted through alternative assignments (online).   Students at CSULB were not permitted to complete any portion of their clinical practice (fieldwork) hours at a school site, or to work with students either virtually or in person during this time. Instructors for each course provided students with alternative assignments at the start of the semesters.  

For the start of Fall 2022, the College of Education is planning to return to traditional, in-person fieldwork for all Clinical I, II, and SERVE initial credential program courses. More details will be sent to students by email prior to the start of the Fall term, with further directions and updates regarding the fieldwork requirement.

For details on fieldwork within the program and what to expect for in-person hours, review the following information below.