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Within the Liberal Studies program, students have the opportunity to gain experience in the classroom embedded within several courses of the required curriculum.  Courses that have fieldwork hours embedded in the curriculum are considered clinical practice hour requirements To help prepare students in knowing what lies ahead in their curriculum and educational experiences, be sure to review the information on this page and other linked corresponding websites for more information and details.

Clinical Practice

Clinical Practice refers to fieldwork experiences associated with specific course work for Liberal Studies and Teacher Credential programs. 

There are 4 levels of Clinical Practice fieldwork: 

  • SERVE - involves working with students individually and in small groups to provide academic support and encourage personal growth. SERVE Courses for Liberal Studies: EDEL 200, EDEL 300.
  • Clinical I - involves mostly observation with some work directly with students in small groups. Clinical I Courses for Liberal Studies: EDEL 100, EDSP 350, EDSP 355A, EDSP 454, ART 300.

  • Clinical II - typically requires candidates to work with small groups of students or possibly teach a lesson to a full class. Clinical II Courses consist of Teacher Credentialing courses.

  • Clinical III - Student Teaching where the candidate is in the classroom for a full semester working along a mentor teacher.

For more information on the specific details or courses referenced, refer to the Clinical Practice webpage. 

What is SERVE?

The SERVE (Service Experiences for ReVitalizing Education) Program creates an opportunity for students at the undergraduate level, in particular for those who are considering careers in K-12 education, to learn about the realities of urban classrooms and the needs of the diverse K-12 student population. SERVE students work with students individually and in small groups to provide academic support and encourage personal growth. It is through this involvement that CSULB students assess their careers goals and provide direct service to students and teachers in grades K-12 and their communities

SERVE is an undergraduate requirement embedded into the following courses of the Liberal Studies program: EDEL 200 and EDEL 300.

SERVE Students are required to participate in 40-45 hours of fieldwork in these courses, within any of these SERVE Partnering Districts.

For more information or assistance with any of this information, reach out to the:

Teacher Preparation Advising Center

Location: EED-67

Phone: 562-985-1105