Equity & Education Studies Minor

Equity & Education Studies Minor - Arriving Fall 2022 at CSULB

Do you have an interest in and/or passion for K-12 teaching? Are you considering earning a teaching credential one day?

The Equity & Education Studies minor allows students from outside of the College of Education to learn about the complexities involved in the field of Education and have the opportunity to complete at least one prerequisite for a chosen credential program for a more seamless transition from undergraduate to post-baccalaureate status. 

This minor requires students to analyze educational contexts from a sociocultural, equity driven perspective.  It is meant for those interested in becoming teachers or entering education-related fields.  It takes a critical approach to education and provides students with the tools to analyze the relationship between education and society and begin to effect social and educational justice. The two core courses examine equity and inequity in education and introduce key theories of intersectionality to students. Elective courses help students contextualize their education-related coursework and field experiences in more specific historical, social, and political contexts. And the minor also provides fieldwork opportunities through K-12 classroom observations in a credential pre-requisite/co-requisite course, for those who want to learn more about the experience and what it would be like in advance.

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