Concentration Options

Students who follow the Bachelor of Arts Program (BA Pathway) are required to complete a Concentration, in addition to the Core Requirements. 

The Concentration requires a minimum of 12 units in one of the thematic programs of study identified below. Students may choose to pursue a Concentration option that consists of appropriate electives and/or works toward a Subject Matter Authorization (refer to the Credential Center for more information). There is no uniform way of fulfilling these concentration options - each student may complete these requirements uniquely depending on previous coursework taken and course interests moving forward. It is recommended to generally follow the themes or subject areas with courses chosen.  If you notice that your Academic Requirements Report and/or Degree Planner is not listing your concentration correctly, be sure to email us at

Below are recommended classes that could be used toward any of the concentrations, though students are not required to follow these lists specifically.  Courses taken to satisfy the Subject Matter Concentration requirements shall be selected by the student in consultation with a Liberal Studies Academic Advisor.