Dual Special Education Credential Program Information

Candidates that hold a valid SB 2042 Preliminary Multiple Subject or Single Subject Credential obtained through an accredited California Teacher Preparation Program, may petition to waive the following courses in excess of the allowed 9 units of course equivalencies:

  • EDSP 410
  • EDEL 452/EDSE 457
  • EDSP 518 (Multiple Subject Credential Holders & Single Subject Math Holders Only)
  • EDSP 558
  • EDSP 534 (Must take UDCP 414 - 1 unit Spring ONLY)
  • EDSP 564

Candidates will complete and addition 12 units plus 4 units of student teaching over 8 weeks.

Candidates that completed their Preliminary Multiple Subject or Single Subject Credential through CSULB over 6 years ago must fill out the CSULB Dual ESCP Request to Waive the 7-Year Limit on Credential Coursework form and submit it along with a typed request for extension, including what you have been doing to keep current on the topics of the courses. This request should be submitted to TPAC in EED-67 and be approved before submitting your program application.

Candidates that completed their Preliminary Multiple Subject or Single Subject Credential through an institution other than CSULB must submit course descriptions by completing the ESCP MMSN/ESN Advisement Equivalency Request form. Course Equivalencies will be considered case by case.

Individual consideration for other courses within the ESCP program will evaluated through the Course Equivalency process.   

Additionally, the Education Specialist Credential Program will waive the Verification of 45 Hours of General Education Fieldwork Experience required for the program application. Candidates are still required to submit a complete program application but may submit a copy of their valid Preliminary SB 2042 Credential in place of the Verification of Fieldwork Experience and the valid Certificate of Clearance. Candidates may be considered for admission to the credential program without EDSP 454 and be allowed to take this course in their first semester in the program along with core courses. For information on the program application requirements, click here.

Contact the Teacher Preparation Advising Center at 562-985-1105 or ced-tpac@csulb.edu if you have any questions.

Candidates that hold any credential other than a California SB 2042 credential will be considered on a case by case basis.