Traditional Pathway

Program Overview

Candidates admitted to the Education Specialist Credential Program for Spring 2022 or prior click here to view program course requirements.

Beginning in Fall 2022 the Education Specialist Credential Program is comprised of 10 courses (2 pre-requisites and 8 core courses) plus a semester of student teaching for a total of 39 units.  The program has both authorizations in mild/moderate support needs (MMSN) and/or extensive support needs (ESN). Candidates choose which authorization they would like to pursue at the time of application to the program.  It is possible to pursue both authorizations with one added course and an added 8 weeks of student teaching.  Preliminary courses prepare individuals to perform the duties required of entry-level special education teaching positions. Candidates in the Education Specialist Credential Program will earn a Preliminary Education Specialist Instruction Credential at the completion of the program.  

The Education Specialist Credential Program prepares candidates to teach individuals in the areas of Mild/Moderate Support Needs and Extensive Support Needs.  The program's goals are to assist candidates in becoming:

  • Effective and caring teachers;
  • Partners with parents and others in the development of high quality educational program;
  • Life long learners engaged in program development reflective of best practices in special education.

The program themes of Collaboration, Diversity, Literacy, Technology, and Transition emphasize current issues of importance to the field of special education, and are addressed across the curriculum.