Course Equivalencies

If you have previously taken teacher preparation courses at another institution, you may submit a Request for Course Equivalency to determine if that course is the same as a required ESCP course at CSULB.  If the Request for Course Equivalency is approved, you will be exempt from taking that same course in the program. The Special Education Credential Program will accept a maximum of 9 units in course equivalencies.

  • Keep in mind that teacher preparation courses expire after 7 years, including course equivalencies, which means that all courses and course equivalencies must be current, no older then 7 years, by the time you finish student teaching. 

You can submit a Request for Course Equivalency providing the following documentation:

  • Request for Course Equivalency form (PDF)

  • Photocopy of the official course description from the catalog of the institution you took the course.  The description must be from the year in which you took the course.

  • Unofficial transcripts verifying completion of the course.  

  • A course syllabus, if possible

Complete Request for Course Equivalency packets must be submitted to the Teacher Preparation Advising Center (EED, Room 67) or submitted online through the Course Equivalency Request One Drive Upload.

The packet will be forwarded to the appropriate faculty member or department office for review.  Once the request is reviewed the results will be sent to you via e-mail.  Please allow 4-6 weeks for this process to be completed (during the summer this process may take longer.) Candidates submitting multiple Course Equivalency Requests must submit a complete packet (catalog description and unofficial transcripts) for each course since a different faculty member evaluates each course.

If a course is more than 7 years old and you plan to request an extension beyond the 7 years to allow you to student teach, provide the following documentation:

Submit your completed packet to the Teacher Preparation Advising Center (EED, Room 67) or upload your documents to the Course Equivalency Request One Drive.  Please allow 4-6 weeks for the evaluation processing.  You will be notified via email of the results.

The following courses have been pre-approved as a course equivalency. If you take or have taken one of the following courses, you do not need to submit a Request for Course Equivalency Form.

CSULB Course Equivalency from Other Institutions
ED P 301/302

CSU Long Beach

  • PSY 361- Psychology of Child and Adolescent Development

  • HDEV 307I - Approached to Childhood Through Adolescence

CSU Fullerton

  • EDSC 386

  • EDSC 320 - Adolescence and Education

El Camino College

  • CDEV 103 (formerly 3) - Child Development*

UC Irvine

  • EDUC 173 - Cognition and Learning In Education Settings*

Orange Coast College

  • HD or HMDV 180 or A180 - Child Development*

ED P 405

CSU Fullerton

  • SPED 322
EDSP 454

CSU Fullerton

  • SPED 425
ETEC 110


  • ETEC 444
  • ETEC 411
  • ART 305
  • KIN 354
  • MTED 301
  • ENGL 337

UCLA Extension​

  • EDU X763H - Computers for the Educator -- Level 1

CSU Fullerton

  • EDSC 304 - Personal Proficiency in Educational Technology for Secondary Teachers

UC San Diego

EDSP 350


  • EDSP 355A
  • EDSP 355B

CSU Fullerton

  • SPED 371

CSU Los Angeles

  • EDSP 400

San Diego State University

  • SPED 450

*These courses cannot be used for post-bac credit since they are lower division courses. They will waive the required course, however they will not contribute to post-bac units.