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Subject Matter Competency

The Commission on Teacher Credentialing requires that Single Subject Credential candidates demonstrate adequate knowledge in all the areas of subject matter they wish teach.  This is called the Subject Matter Competence requirement. Demonstration of Subject Matter Competence may be achieved through completion of a CTC-approved subject matter preparation program or examination.

Candidates in the CSULB Single Subject Credential Program must satisfy subject matter competency prior to student teaching. In EDSS 300, candidates meet with their subject area advisors for a transcript evaluation to assess progress toward meeting the subject matter requirment through coursework in the area Subject Matter Preparation Program. Those with evidence of progress are fully admitted. Candidates who cannot demonstrate progress at this time will be admitted provisionally and will be allowed to take core preparation courses.

Provisional admits are advised to either continue and complete coursework in their Subject Matter Preparation Program or prepare for and pass the CSET examination in their subject area. Candidates that will be using the CSET to satisfy subject matter competency must have passing CSET scores for all required subtests to submit at the time of student teaching application.  Candidates that are completing a Subject Matter Preparation Program must have all courses completed prior to student teaching. Courses that will lead to the completion of the Subject Matter Preparation Program may be in progress at the time of student teaching application.  

Subject Matter Preparation Program

CSULB has approved subject matter preparation programs in the following subject areas:

For information regarding the subject matter preparation programs listed above, contact the Subject Area Faculty Advisor for assistance.

Candidates that believe they have met the subject matter preparation requirements through coursework at a university other than CSULB may request a Subject Matter Waiver Evaluation.

CSET - (California Subject Examination for Teachers)

Currently, the only Commission-approved subject matter examinations used to verify subject matter competence for Single Subject Teaching Credentials is the California Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSET) (CTC Leaflet CL-674S).

For more information concerning the CSET, including registration fees, application deadlines, test dates, etc., visit the CSET website.

The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing states that CSET examination scores are valid for ten years from the passage of each subtest.