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Language Program Requirements

The LOTE Single Subject Credential requires two competencies, one in the subject matter (Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Spanish) and the other competence involves courses in teacher preparation, 45 semester units of pedagogy course work. Subject matter competence in the language can be demonstrated by completing a state-approved subject matter program, by transcript review, or by passing the appropriate CSET examination.

The links on this page provide program checklists showing our state-approved requirements for subject matter competence available in language programs at CSULB, each language program requiring around 33 upper-division units of course work for competence, separate from the 45 units of pedagogy courses. Prospective candidates should see a LOTE Advisor to discuss these two competencies and the course requirements of each as early as possible. Subject matter competence in the language must be demonstrated to advance to student teaching.

For Students who entered the program PRIOR to spring 2008 (for Spanish students, prior to fall 2007):
There is no change for Italian (use list above)