Required Coursework

NOTE:  If you are planning to apply to CSULB for the credential, please see the Application Tips Guidelines

Art Gallery

The Subject Area part of the Credential:

Art 111A, Foundation Art History I
Art 111B, Foundation Art History II
Art 111C, Foundation Art History III
   or Art 113A, Asian Art Early Sacred Cultures
   or Art 111C, Asian Art Later Traditions
Art 130, Foundation Two Dimensional Design 
Art 131, Foundation Three Dimensional
Art 181, Foundation Drawing
Art 184, Foundation Life Drawing
Art 251A, Beginning Ceramics: Handbuilding
Art 251B, Beginning Ceramics: Wheel Throwing
Art 287, Foundation Painting

Choose one of the following:

Art 438, Twentieth Century Art to 1945 or
Art 439, Twentieth Century Art from 1945.

Choose one of the following:

Art 455, Traditional Art of Africa: Thematic
Art 456, American Indian Art: Western Perspective
Art 457, Pre-Columbian Mexican Art
Art 458, Modern Latin American Art
Art 466, Buddhist Art of India & Southeast Asia
Art 467, Hindu and Islamic Art of India
Art 468, Early Chinese Art
Art 469, Later Chinese Art
Art 470A, Japanese Buddhist Art to 1500
Art 470B, Japanese Art 1500-1868
Art 471A, Modern Japanese Plastic Art
Art 471B, Modern Japanese Graphic Art

Choose from the following:

Art 381, Intermediate Drawing
Art 383, Life Painting
Art 384, Intermediate Life Drawing
Art 385, Watercolor Painting
Art 387, Intermediate Painting

Art 340, Intermediate Photography
Art 342A, Color Photography
Art 349, Computer Art
Art 371A, Illustration A
Art 371A, Illustration B
Art 376, Printmaking: Relief Printing
Art 377, Printmaking: Silkscreeen
Art 450A Intermedia

Art 355, Enameling
Art 356, Jewelry Casting
Art 357A, Beginning Metals and Jewelry
Art 357B, Beginning Metals and Jewelry
Art 358A, Metalsmithing
Art 359A, Architectural Metalwork & Blacksmithing
Art 362A, Sculpture Foundry Investment
Art 363, Sculpture: Carving and Fabrication

Art 317, Fiber: Textile Dyeing
Art 328A, Fiber Sculpture
Art 341A, Intermediate Ceramics: Handbuilding
Art 341B, Intermediate Ceramics: Wheel Throwing.

Art 401, Crosscultural and Community Based Practices in Art (spring only)
Art 305, Art Disciplines and New Technology
Art 407, Materials and Methods for K-12 (Fall only)
Art 408, Perspectives in Contemporary Art Education.
Art 412, Aesthetic Theories in Art Education (spring only)
Art 415, On-site Studies in Art Education 

EDSS 300A  Introduction to Teaching Art
This course must be taken in order to apply for the Single Subject Program.

These courses may be taken before, with or after EDSS300A. You do not need to be admitted into the Single Subject Program to take these classes.

EDSP 355B  Collaborative Models of Inclusive Education: Partnerships and Strategies for Teaching All Students
EDP301 or 302 or 305 Child/Adolescent Development/Educational Psychology
HSC 411B  Health Science for Teachers

ART 305 - Art Disciplines and New Technology (Level 1 Technology)

Once you have been accepted into the Single Subject Program, you can take the following Education courses:

EDSE 435  U.S. Secondary Schools/Intercultural Education.
EDSE 436  Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment & Mangement.
EDSE 457  Reading and Writing in Secondary Schools.
EDSS 450A  Curriculum and Methods in Teaching Art

Student Teaching

EDSS 472A,B,C (15 units total)

EDSS 473A Student teaching seminar in the Arts