Single Subject Credential in Mathematics

7-12th Grade Teaching

A single subject mathematics credential authorizes the holder to teach the mathematics in departmentalized schools (generally, this means middle and high schools). You can obtain either a Mathematics Credential or Foundational-Level Mathematics Credential through CSULB's Single Subject Credential Program (SSCP). If you are interested in obtaining a Single Subject Credential at CSULB, it is strongly recommended that you attend an SSCP Information Meeting (check the SSCP website).

In order to obtain a Single Subject Credential in mathematics, you will need to demonstrate Subject Matter Competence (SMC).

Demonstrating Subject Matter Competence

The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) provides two options for demonstrating subject matter competence:

"Candidates for the Single Subject Credential have two options available for satisfying this requirement. They can either complete a Commission-approved subject matter preparation program or they can pass the appropriate Commission-adopted subject matter examination(s) (Education Code Sections 44280 and 44310)."

Deadline for Demonstrating Subject Matter Competence

You may apply to the SSCP before demonstrating subject matter competence. Before applying to student teach, you must either (1) demonstrate SMC, OR (2) be in your final semester of coursework for a Subject Matter Preparation Program. Please be aware of the student teaching application deadlines; they are firm deadlines.