Opportunities for Students

Within the College of Education, students are kept in mind with a vast number of opportunities provided in order to enhance professional and personal growth during their studies here at CSULB.

Are you a student who wants to be involved on their campus and/or within their community, beyond the experiences with the classroom? Take a look below!

Volunteer Opportunities

The possibilities for volunteer work are limitless and always look great for a starting professional resume. Below are just a few examples of volunteer-based opportunities provided for our students at CSULB.


The Liberal Studies Student Association (LSSA) is a student organization dedicated to enhancing the college experience and education of Liberal Studies students through professional development opportunities and social networking activities. LSSA is always happy to invite students who are interested in getting involved alongside. 

  • For more details and/or to learn how to join, refer to your Single Sign-On and "Beach Sync" chicklet on the dashboard. Search for / type in "LSSA" or "Liberal Studies Student Association" to find them. 

  • You can also follow them on Social Media. Follow on Instagram @csulb_lssa.

The College of Education Student Assembly (COESA) is the general student council for the College of Education. COESA works closely with faculty, staff, and students to promote quality education and lifelong learning opportunities. COESA also helps with communication and interaction between administration and students within the college. The council hosts College Mixers, as well as funds RICA Workshops for the student body. COESA is always very interested in getting more CED students involved in the assembly. 

  • For more details and/or to learn how to join, refer to your Single Sign-On and "Beach Sync" chicklet on the dashboard. Search for / type in "COESA" or "College of Education Stud" to find them. 

  • You can also follow them on Social Media. Follow on Instagram @csulbcoesa.

  • If you have questions, email csulbcoesa@gmail.com.

The Caminos Project was developed to take advantage of the large scale of CSULB’s teacher preparation programs, and its institutional links to undergraduate subject matter preparation programs, to expand the number of Latinx teachers in elementary and secondary public schools. The HSI Caminos Project is a grant-funded initiative that works in collaboration with the College of Education and the Department of Chicano Latino Studies. The grant aims to encourage Latinx students to join the teaching profession and to prepare effective, well-prepared, and culturally adaptive educators

Interested in getting involved on the campus, but not specific to the College of Education? No problem! There are many, many different student organizations at CSULB that can fit in a variety of interests and categories ranging from cultural or religious interests to political or professional development, etc.

  • To explore all student organizations at CSULB, refer to your Single Sign-On and "Beach Sync" chicklet on the dashboard.


Paid Opportunities

Every semester, there are a select number of paid student employee positions for students to consider while earning their degree. Below are just a few examples of paid opportunities provided for our students at CSULB. 


Peer Mentors are student representatives specifically associated with the Department of Liberal Studies, whom provide a wide range of services to fellow students as well as assistance to professional advisors. These student employees serve as guides to their fellow peers, through offering assistance with academic planning, scholarship and credentialing applications, e-advising tools, and much more. And while they aren't assisting other students, they provide support to professional advisors with campus events, creating fliers and documents, and data entry. 

  • Traditionally two peer mentor positions are employed each academic year (Fall & Spring). Announcements are made by email and on our social media outlets when a position opens up.

  • For Spring 2024, we are hiring two new Peer Mentors. The appolication will open Mid-November.

Student Ambassadors (SAms) are paid student representatives of the College of Education. They deliver a personal touch and a student’s perspective to future students and other guests of the campus. The Student Ambassador program serves as an opportunity for students to build community within the college by engaging in various activities throughout their academic careers. 

To explore all student job opportunities at CSULB, refer to your Single Sign-On and "Career Link" chicklet on the dashboard.