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Multiple Subjects CSET Waiver

California Education Code requires that all candidates for a teaching credential must demonstrate they are proficient in the subject matter area of their intended credential.  Recent action by the Governor and the Legislature on AB 130 (Chapter 44, Statutes of 2021) has expanded the ways in which candidates may demonstrate subject matter proficiency

CSULB Liberal Studies Graduates

This information pertains to students who earned or are earning a Liberal Studies Bachelors Degree at CSULB.

The Liberal Studies Program at CSULB is a California Commission on Teacher Credentialing-Approved Elementary Subject Matter Preparation Program. Students who follow the current core requirements or curriculum of the Liberal Studies program at CSULB are eligible to utilize their coursework to meet the Elementary Subject Matter Competency requirement for Teacher Credentialing through completion of the Subject Matter Preparation Program or Degree. Students who graduate from the Liberal Studies program at CSULB will not need to provide Multiple Subjects CSET scores for Multiple Subject and/or Education Specialist Credential Programs in the state of California.

To request proof of Elementary Subject Matter Competency, submit a request below.


Official Letters: If a student needs to obtain an official Elementary Subject Matter CSET-Waiver Letter as proof of Subject Matter Competency for an employer or other programs at other institutions, students may contact the Department of Liberal Studies directly at to request an Official Letter signed by a Credential Analyst.  Students requesting an official letter must have already had an evaluation completed beforehand. If you have not had an evaluation completed, submit your request first for the initial review. Individuals will be sent an official, electronic Elementary Subject Matter Competency PDF Letter, signed by a Credential Analyst, by email. 

Non-CSULB Liberal Studies Graduates

This information pertains to students who earned a Liberal Studies Bachelors Degree at Another Institution (not CSULB).

CSULB is no longer providing evaluations for external (non-CSULB) Liberal Studies graduates from other institutions for proof of Elementary Subject Matter Competency as of September 2021, as this proof is now indicated through degree completion on academic transcripts in specified majors including Liberal Studies or through completion of a subject matter preparation program from an approved institution. 

Assembly Bill (AB) 130 was signed by the Governor and became effective on July 9, 2021. Provisions of the bill create new options for credential candidates to meet the subject matter competence requirement.  One of the options for demonstration of subject matter includes completion of an academic major in the subject area of the credential being sought.

  • Multiple Subject Candidates: Liberal Studies degrees as well as Liberal Studies degrees that include any focus or concentration in the title. 
  • Education Specialist Candidates: The academic degree major must be in one of the subject areas listed for either Multiple Subject (Liberal Studies) or Single Subject candidates.
  • Master’s or doctoral degrees completed by a candidate in the exact area of the credential being sought may also count as verification of subject matter competence. 

Non-Liberal Studies Graduates

This information pertains to students who earned a Bachelors Degree in an area other than Liberal Studies or Elementary Education at CSULB or at Another Institution.

Assembly Bill (AB) 130 added several additional options for candidates to demonstrate subject matter proficiency to the existing options.  New options for demonstration of subject matter include the following:

  • Completion of an academic major in the subject area of the credential being sought. (referenced above)
  • Completion of coursework addressing each of the Commission-adopted subject matter domains.
  • Completion of a combination of coursework and examination(s) that meets or exceeds the subject matter domains.

This option is only available at this time for use by Commission-approved institutions with Commission-approved subject matter preparation programs for those subject areas for which they have approval. The Liberal Studies Program at CSULB is a Commission-approved subject matter preparation program.

At this point in time, our Department is only currently evaluating transcripts for elementary subject matter competency if the degree earned or being earned is within Liberal Studies at CSULB. After our Department has finalized the internal process and criteria for individual Multiple Subjects CSET subtest evaluations, we will then begin to evaluate other academic transcripts and degrees for proof of Elementary Subject Matter Competency for Multiple Subject or Education Specialist Credential Programs

Individuals interested in this opportunity may refer back to this website periodically for updates.