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Elementary Subject Matter Waiver

Liberal Studies as an Elementary Subject Matter (ESM) Waiver Program

After considerable effort on the part of the College Administration, Faculty, & Staff, the Liberal Studies Program (both ITEP & BA) is a Commission-Approved Elementary Subject Matter Preparation Program. Students who follow the current core requirements or curriculum of the Liberal Studies program at CSULB may be eligible to utilize their coursework to meet the Elementary Subject Matter Competency requirement for Teacher Credentialing instead of taking the Multiple Subject CSETs. CSULB students who major in the Liberal Studies program at CSULB and complete all required coursework will not need to provide CSET scores for Multiple Subject or Education Specialist Credential Programs in the state of California starting July 2017. Students who graduated from other programs at other institutions, who are pursuing their Teaching Credential at CSULB, may also be able to earn the waiver as well if they have all equivalent requirements (coursework) of the Liberal Studies Bachelors Program at CSULB. Individuals who do not have all the required coursework required of the Liberal Studies Bachelors Program at CSULB will not qualify for Elementary Subject Matter competency proof through CSULB.

Students may demonstrate Elementary Subject Matter Competency by either providing passed CSET scores for Multiple Subjects and/or providing proof of Elementary Subject Matter Competency after having completed the appropriate coursework/program approved by the CTC.

At this point in time, Elementary Subject Matter Evaluations will only be completed for Current or Graduated students enrolled in/from a CSULB program. A CSULB ID number is required for an evaluation to be conducted. 


Requesting an Elementary Subject Matter Waiver Evaluation

To submit a request for an evaluation for Elementary Subject Matter Competency, complete the following request form

Evaluations may take up to 3-6 weeks to complete.

A CSULB ID number is required for proof of admissions. We will update our website accordingly once we begin evaluations for non-CSULB students. 

Requesting an Elementary Subject Matter Waiver Letter After an Evaluation

If a student needs to obtain an Elementary Subject Matter Waiver Letter as proof of Subject Matter Competency for an employer, students may contact the Department of Liberal Studies at to request an Official Letter through CSULB.  Students requesting an official letter must have already had an evaluation completed beforehand.

To retrieve the Elementary Subject Matter Waiver Letter, students may either pick up the document at the Teacher Preparation Advising Center in EED-67 or Send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:

California State University, Long Beach
Department of Liberal Studies: EED-61
1250 Bellflower Blvd
Long Beach, CA 90840