Class of 2021 Spotlights

As we wrap up another school year and our 2021 graduates prepare for their commencement celebrations, the College of Health and Human Services wanted to know how graduating seniors felt about their last year at CSULB and how it has shaped their success professionally, academically and personally. We asked seniors to submit their stories sharing the incredible work they did in relation to overcoming challenges, advancing social justice and serving their community. 

While all CHHS graduates are worth celebrating, here are a few graduates whose stories stand out because of their courage to overcome challenges, follow their dreams, and have a positive impact on the lives of others. 

Class of 2021 Spotlights: Recreation & Leisure Studies

The Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies prepares students to enhance the quality of life experiences. Students from the Class of 2021 volunteered at hospitals and worked in the field during the pandemic, all while grappling with their own personal challenges. 

Class of 2021 Spotlights: Health Science

Upon graduation, students in the Health Science department are able to facilitate the physical, psychological and social well being of people, individually and collectively, in a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic metropolitan context. Their department offers both undergraduate and graduate options that are guided by individual interests and career…

Class of 2021 DPT Spotlight: Beckett Gandolfi

Beckett Gandolfi, class of 2021 Doctor in Physical Therapy candidate, served the community on campus and beyond.

Class of 2021 Spotlights: Public Policy and Administration

The Graduate Center for Public Policy and Administration (GCPPA) at CSULB equips students with the education and practical experience need for a successful career managing public and non-profit organizations. Graduates have gone on to successful careers in these fields, and as alumni offer a network of support to current and graduating students. 

Class of 2021 DPT Spotlight: Taylor Sillekens

Taylor Sillekens is a Class of 2021 Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) candidate who has advocated for equity and inclusiveness on campus and beyond. He co-founded CSULB PTMA: (Physical Therapy Multicultural Alliance): a student-led club whose mission is to foster open dialogue on healthcare disparities of all ethnic, gender, and class groups.

Class of 2021 Spotlights: Kinesiology

The Kinesiology Department within the College of Health and Human Services aims to provide students with a variety of programs that provides a variety of outstanding research, internship, and applied experiences. Students graduate from the programs with ideas, inspiration, and drive to make a difference. We are an exemplary program that values…

2021 Senior Spotlights: School of Nursing

The School of Nursing has provided our students with the knowledge and experience to practice in collaborative or leadership roles in hospitals, clinics, and community health care agencies. Cal State Long Beach’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing was ranked the best nursing degree in California and No. 2 in the nation, according to a new report by…

2021 Senior Spotlights: Health Care Administration

The Health Care Administration department offers a curriculum that features a strong core of courses in the essential functions of management, with electives that allow students to pursue particular interests such as the specialized site of care courses in long term care administration, hospital management, managed care, and medical group practice management.

2021 Graduate Spotlights: School of Social Work

The School of Social Work provides a student-centered experience across their various programs and academic routes. As a school, they strive to enhance the lives of populations that are vulnerable and oppressed through academic excellence, ethics, inclusion of all forms of diversity, community partnerships and social justice. This…

Class of 2021 Spotlights: Family & Consumer Sciences

The department of Family & Consumer Sciences is currently the largest department at CSULB, so it comes as no surprise that the graduating seniors of 2021 within the department have advocated for and served the community across a broad spectrum of organizations, companies, educational institutions, and government entities. In their mission to…

Class of 2021 Spotlights: Criminology, Criminal Justice and Emergency Management

The School of Criminology, Criminal Justice and Emergency Management is grounded in educating students to be ethical leaders in practice, policy, and scholarship; to produce informative and influential research; and to promote justice, equity, and safety through service to our communities.