CHHS Beach 2030 Strategic Planning

CHHS strategic priorities and their alignment with the university strategic priorities are reflected in Table 1 below. CHHS strategic priorities were derived from AY 18-19 input from CHHS units, community partners, CHHS Faculty Council, and CHHS faculty, staff, and community partner input from the Imagine Beach 2030 event. In September of each academic year, CHHS will evaluate the previous AY strategic action steps, evaluate goal achievement, and develop new AY goals and related action steps to advance each strategic priority. An outline of achievements in each AY will be reflected in the Strategic Priorities Background and Outline of Achievements section. 

Table 1. University Strategic Priorities and Action Plans Aligned with CHHS Strategic Priorities

University Strategic Priorities  CHHS Strategic Priorities 

1. Engage All Students   ​

2. Expand Access 

3. Promote Intellectual Achievement

4. Build Community 

5. Cultivate Resilience 

1. Define, Support & Assess Student, Faculty, and Staff Success (strategic priorities 1,2&3) 

2. Develop and Implement Innovative Course and Program Delivery Methods (strategic priorities 1,2&3) 

3. Broaden Community Engagement and Advance Community Partnerships (strategic priorities 2,4&5)

4. Facilitate and Support Interdisciplinarity (strategic priorities 3&4) 

5. Designed Climate & Culture (strategic priority 4) 

6. Promote Financial Growth & Stability (strategic priority 5) 

CHHS Core Values


Students, faculty, and staff in the College of Health and Human Services act with integrity. We adhere to policy, accept responsibility for actions, and promote inclusion, communication, respect for others and divergent views, honesty, and fairness.

Growth Mindset

Students, faculty, and staff in the College of Health and Human Services believe that individual and collective talents can be developed through hard work, persistence, good strategies, and input from others.


The College of Health and Human Services supports interdisciplinary collaboration among faculty, students, and our community to stimulate and foster excellence in education and research innovation, responsiveness to pressing health and human services problems, and the growth of existing partnerships and the development of new ones.


The College of Health and Human Services conducts research to advance the education of our students and the multiple academic disciplines that comprise the college. We aim to increase understanding, discover scientific breakthroughs, and enhance the communities we serve.

1. Define, Support & Assess Student, Faculty, & Staff Success 

This strategic priority places student success as a primary focus for CHHS while simultaneously recognizing the relationship of student success to faculty and staff success. It is primarily aligned with the university strategic priority Promote Intellectual Achievement and the university action plans of Build an Equitable and Empowering CultureBe a Student-Ready UniversityReimagine Faculty, and Reimagine Staff as reflected in Table 1. This priority reflects our understanding of the need to be clear about how we define and measure the success of our students, faculty, and staff and places importance on setting annual goals and planning strategic action to meet goals. 

AY 2021-2022 Goals