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California State University, Long Beach (CSULB), along with a statewide network of partners, will build a consortium to effectively address the demand for diverse skilled workers in Public Health Informatics and Technology (PHIT) jobs throughout California. CSULB proposes an inclusive 3-tier California Consortium for Public Health Informatics & Technology (CCPHIT) education model that includes California Community Colleges, California State University campuses, and the University of California. 

Our model collectively leverages all two, four, and five-year degree pathways in the California higher education system. Students from California’s under-represented minority (URM) communities can access classes at any tier through inter-institutional cross-registration agreements. We include the in-person and online, public and private, CCPHIT degrees and industry-recognized credentials. CCPHIT’s credential pathway will be supported by Futuro Health, a pioneering joint venture of Kaiser Permanente and the California Health Workers Union (SEIU-FHW) that has moved over 4,000 individuals into the workforce in just 18 months (40%+ Hispanic/Latino, 20%+ African American). Our unique public-private partnership will move 700 individuals into the workforce - 100 in year 2, 200 in year 3, and 400 in year 4. CCPHIT spans from Shasta County in the north to Los Angeles County in the south and leverages the diversity that California offers through strategic partnerships. Partners will provide on the job training through paid internships ensuring hands-on learning at health departments, public health focused non-profits, community-based organizations, industry leaders, and clinical provider locations. CCPHIT will become integrated into long-term plans to support and diversify the public health workforce over time. The Consortium will invest in preparing students for careers to provide sufficient numbers of health professionals with different backgrounds similar to those of the region’s population. CCPHIT is developing a multi-pronged approach to prepare diverse students to enter the CCPHIT workforce, specifically focusing on filling gaps identified by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH).