CHHS Student Leaders

The College of Health and Human Services is home to over 25 student clubs and organizations, supporting a broad network of industries and fields. Each school year, CHHS is designated a group of students who serve as representatives and advocates who promote the college in our mission to further student success and help the community live happier and healthier lives. Meet the distinguished student leaders who are supporting these efforts. 

CHHS Student Leaders 2022-2023

Paola Lopez portrait - CHHS Senator
Paola Lopez

Position: CHHS Senator

Major/Program: Healthcare Administration

Community Impact: Kaiser Permanente Intern, Planned Parenthood Volunteer, Internal medicine scribe & care coordinator

Graduation Term: Fall 2022

Professional Career Goals: Pursue a career working in healthcare law and policy. After witnessing issues surrounding advanced directives, provider burnout, and patient safety I aspire to change the healthcare industry by helping to implement new and innovative approaches concerning medical/legal ethical decisions affecting both patients and providers.  

Hobbies: I thoroughly enjoy reading, hiking, thrifting, and spending too much time on Pinterest. 

Alejandra Veliz Ruan portrait - CHHSSC President
Alejandra Veliz Ruan

Position: President, CHHS Student Council

Major/Program: Healthcare Administration

Graduation Term: Spring 2024

Professional Career Goals: I would like to pursue a career in administration at a hospital, clinic or adult care facility. I am very interested in women's health and assisting underserved areas. I plan on pursuing a master's program, but I want to be certain on what I want to emphasize my studies on and gain experience in my field beforehand. 

Hobbies:  I love to read, listen to music, and discover new places with my friends. I also live 15 minutes away from the beach, so I love going there to walk my dog and relax.

Victoria Min portrait - CHHSSC VP
Victoria Min

Position: Vice President, CHHS Student Council

Major/Program: Health Science, emphasis on Community Health Education

Community Impact: BUILD Scholar, VP HSSA, HPMP Assistant Coordinator & Mentor 

Graduation Term: Spring 2024

Professional Career Goals: I am interested in pursuing a Master's degree in public health and gain experience working one-on-one with underserved populations. 

Hobbies: I like reading, listening to music, and hanging out with friends. 

Jocelyn Pena portrait - CHHSSC Treasurer
Jocelyn Peña 

Position: Treasurer, CHHS Student Council/CHHS Senator

Major/Program: Health Science- Community Health Education and School Health Education 

Community Impact: ASI CHHS Senator, CSULB President's Ambassador, American Heart Association HSI Scholar 

Graduation Term: Spring 2023

Professional Career Goals: I am interested in obtaining a Master’s Degree in Public Health emphasized on Community Health and possibly emphasize on Latino Health to serve my community. To continue working with my community through volunteering and mentoring future generations. 

Hobbies: I enjoy watching movies and TV shows (mostly Grey’s Anatomy) and listening to music. 

Sara Garcia portrait - CHHSSC Secretary
Sarah Garcia

Position: Secretary, CHHS Student Council 

Major/Program: Criminology and Criminal Justice

Community Impact: President, Director of Community Service, and Director of Social Affairs for H.E.A.R.T at the Beach, Resident Assistant of Community Development, Domestic Violence Victim Advocate, Sexual Assault Victim Advocate

Graduation Term: Spring 2023

Professional Career Goals: Obtain a Master's Degree in Nursing to become a forensic nurse and assist survivors of violence.

Hobbies:  I enjoy painting, listening to music, and exploring new places!

Erick De La Torre portrait - CHHS Publicity Coordinator
Erick De La Torre

Position: Publicity Coordinator, CHHS Student Council

Major/Program: Healthcare Administration, Minor in Information Systems

Community Impact: President of Upsilon Phi Delta. Administrative Assistant at the Community Clinic for Counseling & Educational Services. Intern at NAMI.

Graduation Term: Spring 2023

Professional Career Goals: I am interested in obtaining a Master's Degree in Health Informatics to be on the technological side of healthcare. I am also considering joining the Navy Medical Service Corps as a Health Care Administrator Officer to finance the aforementioned Master's Degree. ​

Hobbies: I love trying different kinds of foods and drinks 😁