Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden

Reservations are required to visit because we are frequently closed for programs and private events during the below hours.

OUR HOURS VARY and the only way to ensure we will be open when you arrive is to make a reservation online or by calling in advance 562-985-8420

In general, reservations can usually be found on the following days and times

Tuesday - Friday 10am-5pm

Sat & Sun 9am-1pm

If you are coming to the Garden to take pictures, please review our policies on our photo permit page and plan your visit accordingly.

We are a part of the College of Health and Human Services on the CSULB campus. The Garden is a living museum, a place of learning, art, and culture for all who enter its gates. Come feed our playful koi, stroll the winding pathways, view the Tea House, or reflect at the Zen Garden. Each season unfolds with colorful blossoms, exciting cultural celebrations, and intriguing exhibits. 

During open hours, we only allow what one could consider casual street clothes in the United States.  Anything considered dressy or formal is not allowed and people in casual clothing from other countries or cultures may also be denied entry to the Garden during open hours. If you are unsure if your clothing is in line with our policies, please purchase a photo permit or plan your visit to the Garden on a day when you are dressed down. Anyone who shows up to the Garden in clothing that violates this policy may be turned away at the gate.  This is at the discretion of staff working at the Garden at the time of your arrival.

Make a Reservation to Visit!

Make sure we are open to the public when you arrive by making a reservation to visit. You can do this in our visitor portal by mobile app or online. Most reservations are good for a group of up to 6 people.

Mobile app: Available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play

front page of the Japanese Garden mobile app with a red arrow pointing to a menu item labeled "Reservations required" in the top left corner of the screen, below the app's title image.

Reservation FAQs

If you cannot find an answer to your question, please email us at at JGCoordinators@csulb.edu​ or call (562) 985-8420.

Yes. We require reservations to ensure the garden is open to the public at the time you want to visit.

Yes. It is a free account, and it ensures an easy check-in. Plus, you can use your account to make your own reservations for visits, koi food, and special events here at the garden! You can also use your account to purchase memberships.

No. One reservation is good for group of up to 6 people.

Groups of 12 or more: 

If you’re a visiting group of 12 people or more, please email JGcoordinators@csulb.edu at least 7 days in advance to obtain approval for your visit. Large groups who do not complete this step may be turned away at the gate.

Please see our Community Group Visits page for more information about field trips, camp visits, social club visits and more.

All groups of 40 people or more in one day are subject to a $1 per person visitation fee.

Yes. Feeding the Koi fish is also free, and it is a separate reservation from a regular visit, as we limit the amount of food the Koi get each day. We recommend making your “Feed the Koi Fish” reservation 1-2 weeks in advance. The spots book up fast!

No. Your reservation to feed the koi functions as a reservation to visit the garden as well. 

One cup of koi food is easily split into 2-3 small cups if you’re visiting with multiple people who’d like a chance to feed the koi. Because cups are so limited, we limit them to 1 per party so that many parties have an opportunity to feed the koi each day. 

Yes, and you’ll be eligible for member-specific offerings, such as members-only koi feeding and special programming. Please visit our Memberships page for more information. 

Yes! You can log in with your SSO log-in. 

No. Please visit our Directions and Parking page for more information about parking rates.